WTB - 15mm 5m16t 10mm bore pulleys

Looking for 15mm wide x 16t pulleys for a Key’d 10mm shaft.

Such a garbled mess to type but looking for steel pulleys only.

Metroboard sells these, except in 18mm width

edit: sorry, those start at 17T, my bad

Damn Soo close. Though those are non Key’d

Here you go

edit: not steel, my reading comprehension today sucks

they also have a titanium version, which isn’t steel

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Lol those To ones are sexy but not for the price.

I’d stretch and pay $20 for an aluminum pulley if it didn’t cost more than $10 per pulley to ship them to me :angry:

Hit up dickyho. He might be able to send it expedited.

damn, just saw you want a key. Buy a keyway broach, imo.

Sometimes if I don’t have a steel pulley, I will build with an aluminum one while the steel one ships. Then take the spare aluminum pulley back off and keep it for the next emergency.

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Yeah unfortunately Lacoix wants $62 shipped for aluminum pulleys. O_O

Gotta pay to play playa!