WTB 12S LLT Smart BMS w/ Bluetooth

Hoping to find someone in the USA with an extra LLT 12s bms lying around. Let me know your $ + shipping to sherwood oregon 97140.
Trying to avoid the long ship times from china

I worked into the evening on my build and apparently shouldn’t have…mistakenly got wires crossed and smoked the circuit board.

I’ll be bypassing the output and only using it for charge so it doesn’t meet to be more than 20amps.

Here’s a link to the model I’m trying to replace 11S 12S 13S 14S 15S 36V 48V 58.8V 60V smart BMS with Bluetooth function UART communication 20A to 60A constant current – LLT POWER ELECTRONIC

@DuckBatterySystems @MrDrunkenMobster u got stock?


Nope sorry

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@Skyart @A13XR3 maybe have some

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Or is there a different budget bms recommendation that has Bluetooth and works with the XiaoxiangBMS app?

Not really, flexibms is about the only other tried and true smart bms we use and its neither cheap or quick(finland)
Bet one of those 2 above can cover ya.

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I have 10S-17S models which are not really the same, would even require you to rewire, but would get the job done.

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I have one thats 12s 20A new/never hooked up that id do $40 shipped for

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