WTB 12s bms! I give you moneys! Website also preshiated

12s bms please. Gonna try to make a 12s4p build one more time… thanks guys


for one of these

$30 shipped

i’m in LA

Nvmd. Just saw price. Wats ur paypal

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What are the specs on this BMS? Cant seem to find that on the ebay page. Is this charge only?

it’s further down the prduct page

I see, still not super sure if this is a discharge or charge only bms. If its discharge what’s the current rating?

15A. like it says on “Maximal Continuous Discharging Current” dsn’t get much clearer then that.


Ok I saw that…does that seem a little low for esk8? Or is that per p group?

discharge needs to be bypassed.

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Is there an easy way to do that?

Google Photos


Wait lol just ordered of that page you posted here says will arive by September 23rd :laughing: I’m in oakland. Do you ship these from LA?

Oh man… the ebay page was just him showing what bms he has… you paypal him for the bms…


Lol ok gonna try to cancel that order

Bump… bms I recently purchased went kablooey for some reason…


@Bobby did it release its magic smoke while in use or when you were plugging/wiring it in?

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Saw No smoke at all but it def happened while riding. Tried plugging it in after the ride home
and it wouldnt charge. When i opened the enclosure, I saw the tiniest burn through the heatshrink. Thats ehat I saw…

This was on a pretty janky enclosure and the vibrations could have definitely caused an issue. I need 12s speed tho. Ive had a taste of that sweet sweet speed


Hmm. I’m running two of these now. Slightly unsettling. I’m definitely covered in the heavy insulation department tho… Kapton, adhesive fishpaper, heatshrink, and adhesive Velcro on both sides…

Post a pic of the blackest component area with good lighting if you can

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Anybody have a 12s from ebay they recommend?

Not eBay, but if you can wait I recommend bestech.
They retail through litechpower though.