WTB 10s charge only BMS (EU) (bought)

Greetings, humans.

I’m on my third build right now and am going to make a 10s4p battery out of 30q cells.
Is there anyone with a spare bms to get rid of? :slight_smile:

I am located in germany.

Oh and any suggestions for a decent enclosure, preferably the diy route is greatly welcome ;D

Edit: I guess I made an oopsy. Hopefully I moved the topic to the correct category Oo

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For which deck?


It’s a Koowheel deck I found this morning a few weeks ago together with everything else but the battery.

Here is a peak of the deck.

I printed the the home for the electronics. But for the battery my printable area is too small to do it in one piece.

I assume you’re making a flatpack? I only do top mounts by now and i use tupperware like boxes. Sturdy,sealed and fairly cheap. Spray paint it black and boom. Flat pack and bottom mounting will be difficult with tupperware. Or else consider top mounting. Works great on my old Koowheel deck.

I bought this and I can probably fit a 10s3p 30q with a bms

But I got it for £10 not £25

The quality is decent nothing spectacular though, comes with plenty of foam and is water proof

I have BMS’s and enclosures online :slight_smile:

Due to limited space I planning on stacking 20 on 20. Should be almost square but still flat enough to give clearance.
Mounting stuff on top is no option. Out here you have to ride stealth :expressionless:
I like the Idea of the waterproof tool box @moon posted even though I obviously need to drill some holes in it.
I was thinking of printing an enclosure in two parts and either friction weld them or apply some epoxy…

@EboardSolutions might happen that I get back to you :wink:

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I have two of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32839578059.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dBiVLQc in different versions here in Germany :wink: One 45A discharge, the other 15A afair. I’ll sell the small one for 10, the other for 15 Euro plus shipping. They were never used (actually the bigger one was connected and used one time and then disassembled again) and I have no need for them since I use a balance charger now :slight_smile:

I’m curious as heck. What’s the big freaking hole for?

Looks interesting. Are they trustworthy? Let me do some research :wink:

Nobody knows! I was wondering as well… Designing around that hole was a pain in the crack.
A spot to grab the board? To place it on a hook on your wall? Idk :thinking:

If you ask me no BMS is trustworthy thats why I went over to balance charging :smiley: But these seem to work for discharge only when you look at the forums :wink:


its a small/regular Milka bar for size comparison :wink:


Ive got this little surf skate, its a Bureo Ahi and it’s got a little hole in it that is apparently for locking it up with a bike chain!?

Stupid hole, awesome little board with the Carver CX trucks on it.

Guessing that the hole is to lock up the board.

Might be. But since it’s a koowheel deck (the hole doesn’t usually exist) no true way of knowing

Finally home!
So, this is how I think I will assamble and place the battery pack.

@visnu777 thx a lot for the reply but I think I will stick to the bestech bms. Since - at least for now - I don’t have any means of monitoring cell voltages I don’t like to bet on a bms that I did not heard of before…

No problem, I wrote what I think of BMSs so I understand you :smiley:

Decision is made. I will go for the D140.
Still got some more issues. Cheap chinese spot welder tripping the breaker - ooph :expressionless: Don’t know yet what to do about it. And of course the enclosure…