WTB: 10s battery, c6374 170kv, 4.12 vesc - super budget build

Sup guys… im US based outside nyc

im looking to build a super budget gift board for my brother… I COULD build him a new battery but id rather save my time if possible with a well used pre built

battery - looking for a 10s 3p or larger…looking for a well used but still useable battery. Could be 25r, HG2 or 30q but really would love to find it for $50… i know i have a variety of unused packs in my closet (unfortunately none that i can use for this project)

6374 170kv motor… I have one of the cheaper 10mm shaft C6374 off ebay so a twin to match would be good, they are $43 new on ebay now but if you have once again a well used but still working and no signs of imminent death and can beat that lemme know

4.12 vesc… need 2… cheap AF if possible

mini remote - new, used what ever works.

lemme know whos got what thanks!

@mmaner u got anything that ol parts bin of yours?


i have a used 10s3p 25r bypassed BMS for discharge


The 20mile is 150$ plus shipping

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Sorry just read the thread :joy: my bad but I’m watching

cool, whatchu asking?

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I’ll take a look as soon as I get free.


I have zero built battery packs that are trustworthy. I have 2 that are in metal cans going to recycling because they are runn to hell.

I have a bunch of 30Qs that have 10 hcharge cycles on them. Built a battery specifically for a board and the board git trashed, the pack was the wrong size for anything else so I tore it down.

The need to be sanded at the poles before being welded again, prolly need some heat shrink as well. I’m happy to send you some. I also have some new/old stock 25Rs.

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sorry idk how i missed this

asking $140 OBO

I got 2 Flipsky Vesv 4.12, both for $80 + shipping + fees, one has an XT90 connector and one without.

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Yeah as long as their working I’ll take em thx! Pm now

I’ve been looking for a month

thx all…got most of this squared up and taken care of… since battery warehouse came on scene it ended up only being $100 shipped for 40 new 25r cells so guess im building a battery =/

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