WTB 10s/12s battery slim

Going to make a build thread later. But figured I’d start searching to see if anyone has a slim 10s something battery they have around they would be looking to sell. Might go 12s depending on price. I’ve got the diyeboard 10s5p ATM but I hate knowing this massive enclosure doesn’t have any other options. Let me know if you have anything you’d be willing to let go. Not looking for anything crazy but would like to get 10-15miles. Located in US. Figured I’d start here with the ideas and help I got last night

I have a couple of lightly used TB batteries 10s3p & 12s4p (with chargers, enclosures) and a used space cell 3 10s3p (comes in enclosure, charger)…pm me for details

I have one 12s2p and one 12s3p battery left.


Let me know if you have any questions. I can work a little bit on the price


I will definitely let you know by Friday! You aren’t closing down your site are you? There’s a few things I’ve been eyeing about purchasing

Jared is moving, hard to take all that stuff with.

I imagine it’s a good excuse to clear the dust too.

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Yeah that’s understandable. I like that it’s a site I’ve never heard anything negative about. Are they located in the US? ( I could probably research but TBH I’m lazy)

Jared can give you his life story :rofl:

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Sent you a pm… I think. Still new to this forum.

Yes BKB is in the USA and I can only ship batteries to the CONUS

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Price on 12s3p shipped over to 04347 Maine, us? Or do you want me to go through the website?

You can order directly through the site. Shipping is free on orders over $180 :smile:

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Are you moving out of PA?

If so your one lucky bastard.

I wish! Not yet. Fucking taxes, terrible roads, shit weather 50% of the time. I need to get out of here lol

I hope I never have to come back here when Im older, there is nothing good about this state afaik.

Move to Delaware, no taxes and mediocre roads/weather

So how much room can you work with on the price sir? And do you have chargers as well?

A little, shoot me a PM. I only have 10s chargers currently

I dont know if its too late, but i have 10s4p 10.4ah packs for sale $300 shipped

Made with sony vtc5 cells