Wowgo 2s charge rc-charger doesen't work


for mobile use I would like to charge the wowgo-battery through a rc-charger (Jamara X-Peak).

The charger rejects to start charging. The display shows “connection problem” (and the voltage at the charging-port drops).

I guess that the bms (or anti-spark-protection) prevents the charging procedure.

The rc-charger charges through the battery-output-port (XT60) without problems, but I’m afraid, that there is no bms-protection and no cell balancing.

btw: I had the same problem with my ego2 esk8.

Do you know any solution? Maybe a “stupid” dc-dc cccv step-up converter from china?

Thank you!


You’re effectively trying to use two BMS’s. Why not just use a simple brick charger? Easier to transport and the BMS on the battery will do the balancing.

O.k. thank you. I need the charger for use in my camping-car (solar-powered battery-system) The rc-charger has some advantages: reliable, information about charging process, undervoltage protection. And I have it already.

I just ordered this boost-module:

I hope it will be stupid enough :wink:

I also ordered this one again:

(I burned the second item while trying to charge an ebike-battery some days ago…so second try…)

I’m pretty sure the wowgo battery has a built in BMS as it has 2 sets of wires coming off it:

  1. the 2 wires that go to the charging plug (this is the BMS one)
  2. the 2 wires that have the XT60 on it which supplies the power to the ESC
    I recently bought a second hand wowgo 2s where there was no charger so I bought a generic 42v scooter one and as you had mentioned in trying to charge via the #1 above it doesn’t charge at all. In connecting it to the XT60 plug it charges perfectly and the adapter has a built in shut off (BMS) when it reaches 42v. Only thing is I have to unscrew the cover every time on the board to charge it. I have ordered the proper charger from wowgo but it will probably take over a month - couldn’t wait so I’m using the workaround.
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