Would anyone be interested in a 12s quality charger, with 80/90/1oo switch?

Luna sells a charger, that has percent charge switch. I use one for my 10s. they make a 13s and a 14s. They could easily sell a 12s model. If there is enough interest, I would contact them about ordering them also.

Here is the one I use. 36v 4amp Luna Mini Charger - Luna Cycle

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There are already Chargers in Alibaba.

Good news, there are instructions on how to turn the 13s charger into 12s.

How to adjust the Luna charger (mini and advanced) - Electricbike.com Ebike Forum

With charge percent switch? With usa plug? link?

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Here you go…

You can usually order Plug types for each country. Just tell them.

Yeah no. A switch to turn off charger at 80/90/100 percent charge.

An interesting idea, but I think until one exists it’s not too hard to just adjust cutoff in your smart bms if you’re using it

“AC input: 180V-260V AC, 47 to 63Hz”

Not a good idea for those of us in the US.

Coincidentally, I’m in the middle of a dispute with an AliExpress seller over a charger that claimed to support 110 or 220v, and actually only supports 220.

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I just got one of these but haven’t made a cable for it yet. The voltage is adjustable, and I’m told that it switches automatically from constant-current to constant-voltage when the voltage limit is reached, so it might be practical to set it at, for example, 48v for a 12s pack if you want longer life or headroom for a downhill segment at the start of your ride.

Adjustable Power Supply Gophert | Gophert Power Supply Cps 6005 - 6017 Switching - Aliexpress

^ That is NOT the seller that I opened the dispute for, btw. This seller lists 110 and 220 options, as they should. :slight_smile: