Wobbles and other stuff

when you have time im curious to know why i NEVER have speed wobbles? im running lose trucks have done at least 17 mph verified ,no issues. i was looking at La Croix, they seem to think their trucks will wobble,then straighten out, why do such over engineered trucks wobble when mine do not?

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What does your setup look like? You may have split angles which do a lot to help with wobbles.

Also, what you consider loose trucks may not be loose by other people’s standards.

Lacroix makes great stuff, but the anti-wobble speak is 100% marketing. It isn’t based in reality. With super loose bushings I start to feel wobbly around 25mph on hypertrucks. With medium bushings, I am comfy at 30+


gps verified or vesc logging verified


57 is seriously fast… pics or it didn’t happen lol


wild unsubstanciated claims ,bad spelling,i have it all


i think Artem will come along and verify i am lying .

ddly agressive, but ok

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im dyslexic and i think im funny,if it makes me laugh,i dont care for the most part, i crack my self up. it can be off putting

in genral if i sound salty,i am just failing at being funny


me neither :joy:

i force all my readers to my atrocious spelling :smile:

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The only part I call bullshit on is that you are doing this on anything close to what I would call “loose” trucks.

If anything, you can go 57mph because your entire setup is designed to go fast. In my experience, you don’t really get great low speed turning and high speed stability. There’s always a compromise.

There are also exceptionally talented riders who can go 50 mph on truly loose trucks, so perhaps that is you. It’s not most people though

Post a picture of your board. We don’t even know what you are riding.

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Artem builds rockets, he said my trucks were loose last time he had them ,otherwise I have no frame of reference and would not have said as much

In this picture it looks like your baseplate angles are set at maybe 30 degrees. Is that right?

That would explain why your setup is so stable at speed but still feels loose.

Trucks are not loose and are set up for speed for sure

Jason is running split angle 20 degree in the back and just over 30 int he front 96a he is also running this exact bushing set up

It’s highly stable but needs a parking lot for a u-turn :smile:

We are going to likely upgrade him to 18s very soon and see if he can crack 60


I stand corrected my trucks are not loose



Are we not doing 100,did I upgrade my insurance for nothing?

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As far as set up it was at one point set up for around 55mph

205mm tires 12s 173kv 1:3 gearing

But I think with the 175s your top end is a bit lower now

Yeah that’s a purpose built speed machine. Loose trucks to me mean I can ride on the sidewalk and turn 90 degrees when the sidewalk bends.

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