Wiring scheme for FLIER 120A antispark button


does anyone have any insight to when it comes to wiring a 5-pin button to a FLIER 120A antispark?

There are 4 wires coming out of the antispark, but the button I want to use has 5 pins. Is it still possible to use it?

Some pictures:

Thanks for any input! :slight_smile:

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I think @longhairedboy has experience with these.


First off, you really need to practice your google-foo more. So much info just on one search…


From the look of that silkscreen I’m guessing you want a latching button. Hope thats what you got.

Depends if the LED in the button can handle 12V or not. If you can live without the LED then it should be fine. NO=Normally open, NC=Normally closed.


I think the google-foo is not so much of a problem than just a general lack of electrical knowledge :smiley:
I didn’t know about the NO and NC meanings, I thought the label said ON…

Do I get this straight:

Antispark GND to button NEGATIVE
Antispark +12V to button POSITIVE
Antispark SW+ to button NO (if I want the board to be on when button is pressed down)
Antispark SW- to button C

Thank you so much for replying!

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Forget the fact that a switch has a postive and negative terminal. Thats just… wrong.

No matter how you terminate it the function will remain the same. In this case SW+ and SW- is completely irrelevant. You can put a wire between those two pins and it will act as a button in the on position.

If you want to verify which pin does which, I sudgest you probe the button with a multimeter, meassuring Resistance f.e when it goes to 0 it means the button is conducting. Best way to be sure your connection is like you want it. Also.If you’re planing on soldering onto the button tabs you need to be super quick about it. Cause that button will melt.

You can try to just tap the + and - of the LED terminals to see if lights up like it should or if it goes poof. Or you could just check with the source of the button if it can take 12V.

But yes. Connect the “C” to either of the SW+/SW-. and choose if you want NO/NC function.

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I will give it a shot, thanks a lot!