Winterizing batteries

Hey guys- this applies to just more than winter- but when you store your board for a long period of time between uses (thinking months)- do you just leave it unplugged? Use a trickle charger? Cheers all!


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I charge/discharge it to 3.6v per cell and try to keep it somewhere warm. Unplug the loopkey and check on it every other week.

This is what I would do if I stopped riding at all during the winter.


Charge to around the halfway point and set yourself reminders to check on it from time to time. If it has dropped below your voltage confort zone(mine is 3.4v/per cell), charge it back to halfway again. Repeat this cycle until you get to riding again.

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How long should a Battery be left at say 90% ~4.0v before it need to be discharged/used? Or how long is too long before you need to bring it down to 3.6?

Hope that makes sense what I wrote hah

@PixelatedPolyeurthan I try to never let it sit at full charge for more than a week. I go riding around the block at full speed for half an hour to prevent this

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Keeping the battery warm is not that good at all. For example, samsung 40t datasheet claims that battery will have 90% of its initial capacity after one year at <25°C. But keeping it warmer will make this period significantly shorter. This is due to the increased chemical reactions speed in warm conditions:

So i keep ‘em in the spare fridge :slight_smile:

When I said “warm” I meant inside at room temperature. As opposed to an unheated garage.

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Don’t claim this source as respected one, but I’ve never heard that storing at room temp is better than in fridge. As I mentioned above, slower chemical precesses lead to slower degradation rate.

So, my advice is: keep cells at 40% (3.7-3.6v) and cold

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So…: leave my board in the garage during winter and don’t heat the garage

Where do you live? How cold would it get?
So far the fridge is the best bet. Controlled temp, cool, stable. Garage is ok if it’s attached to a house and you don’t have arctic temps. The reminders in the phone to check voltages is also a gold nugget. Having them independent of all electronics is also really good. Including bms (IMO). A nice stable brick of controlled energy.