Winter Riding Gear

Hello. Just curious about what everyone uses for winter riding. I just purchased an insulated motorcycle jacket with built-in protection and also a full-face helmet. I was debating just using my snowboard gear for riding in 30-50 degree temps. Just curious about what everyone else uses during the colder months.

Same here. The only contribution to add is that an ice scraper mitt with the ice scraper removed makes a fantastic remote hand cover.


This is genius! lol!


This is what I do. Good layers is key. I go 2 base layers, then performance hoodie then xbaord shirt.

Grabbed some Revvit Boxxer 2’s to bring me down to colder temps than the perforated knox orsa

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I wear my padded hoodie over a couple long sleeve shirts and maybe another sweater. Long thick socks and sweatpants under pants. Takes a bit of time to gear up but it adds extra padding and warmth lol.


Most important thing to have is a wind proof jacket as wind chill is not something you can ignore when going 15-30mph in the cold. Which I’m assuming the motorcycle jacket already has since they also need to be concerned about wind.

A nice thick wool jacket can also be wind proof if you want some options that will look better/different. Just might need to add a scarf to prevent the wind from getting in through the neck hole if it is a button up jacket. Wool jackets are also available in longer lengths so you can protect your ass and thighs from the cold wind too :rofl:

Downside is if you fall it will be much more expensive to repair or replace a heavy wool jacket than it is to get a new motorcycle jacket or other windproof jacket. They also probably aren’t a good option for wet days but I never used mine when it could get wet so maybe they do fine with it?

I also have some of under armor’s cold gear leggings that I wear underneath pants to help stay warm. That way you can wear whatever pants you want to without worrying about the cold as much.


Heated glove pads connected to a usb power bank. I plan to get heated shoe inserts and a heated chest pad too.

Plus rain pants, a rain jacket, waterproof shoes, full-face helmet with anti-fog and warm gloves.

It rains a lot here all winter.


Sunglasses, one airpod, and usually a beer.
Florida is good to me.


Dick. I’m taking that airpod. :wink:


Lmao the best thing for winter are fenders, otherwise you’re soaking wet when you arrive whereever you were going, cause the roads are pretty much always wet.


Enlighten us, what are the go-to fenders to get?

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None as far as I know. I made mine myself and I’m still no satisfied with the design. Looks is also a thing, they can look pretty ugly, depending on your designing skills lol. But at least you’re dry.


I live near Seattle, so the winters aren’t crazy cold, slightly below freezing at the worst. A full face helmet, a good jacket and some joggers are my go-to. On the really cold days a decent scarf helps a lot.

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i use a joe rocket survivor suit, literal thunder storms ain’t stopping me


I live in Missouri and we get a decent taste of winter.

I probably don’t ride much in the 30s.
But I try to get gear to keep me comfortable in the 40s and 50s.

The one thing that was the biggest deal for me were heated gloves.
I use trigger type remotes so I am not sure these work ok for thumb wheels.
They are pretty giant.

This is also a good one. The Columbia voodoo falls 590 jacket is good under the armored hoodies or titan jacket

I recently got winterized skate shoes to try but have not used them yet.


Also this Minus33 Merino hat is good for under a half shell.

I keep looking for better Balaclavas…

A full face helmet is pretty good too.

Also experimenting with expensive Merino wool socks right now…
I never thought I’d pay 20 bucks for 1 pair of socks.

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You can buy heated glove liners instead of full on heated ski gloves like that. It’s what I use but I didn’t mention them since most people would do fine with just good gloves meanwhile I need gloves when it is 60 or lower. Otherwise they burn and then I loose feeling + a good bit of dexterity as well. one time I almost had to get a neighbor to unbutton my pants for me when I got back from 60 f and rainy weather

I still can’t tell if they’re worth it even after using them for a full winter back where I used to live. They seemed to be good when inside wearing them but not sure how much they really helped outside since I couldn’t feel my feet shortly after going outside.

The shoes look to be good if that neoprene inside is tight on your foot. if it is slightly loose it won’t work as well to keep the heat in.

All of my information is based on riding in the 30s-20s and with wind making the wind chill well bellow 0 f pretty often. Which doesn’t even count the windchill from riding on esk8 :cold_face:


Would you happen to have a link?
Also what gloves do you use over them?

I wonder if the combination would end up thicker than my one single heated glove…

These are the ones I bought originally:

I payed $120 for them when I purchased them which does make them just as expensive as the well made full glove options, but in my opinion it is worth it to be able to use them alone or with any other gloves you already have. also they’re a medically necessary item for me making it easier the justify the price

I can just barely get a pair of bating gloves on top of mine but I also have smol hands. My liners are a size xxs and still big on me. I could still use my thumb wheel with the liners+ batting gloves but I often ended up keeping only the liner on my right hand and just would cover it with my sleeve or pocket if needed. I didn’t want to risk not having full control on the remote.

For thinner gloves it does make it thicker though but that is to be expected. They don’t make my ski gloves seem thicker but once again I have small hands and all my gloves are already a bit over sized on me. Leaving plenty of extra room for them

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I don’t really experience winter here, but the XBoard winter jacket is more than enough for me - use code RBEM :crazy_face:

For real tho the coldest I even ride in here is like 50F



Colorado is seeing colder and colder winters every year. We steadily hit single digits and more of often than never, below zero.

Just to give you perspective, 60f is shorts weather here.

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