Will these motors work on hobbywing esc?

So I have a ownboard W2 I have been doing diy upgrades on (just changed to a 10s4p), I have ordered racestar 5065 motors 140kv to get that hill climbing kick and plan on getting a new esc eventually, but what I was wondering was if the motors would work on the current hobbywing 40a esc since it has the exact same connectors?


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Should work i think, however will not fit on the standard trucks probably.

I have the 5045 and they work wonderful with that esc, so I guess the 5065 the same way.

It should work to some degree, but my 40A Hobbywing is matched to 200KV.


is that 40a battery amps?
Or 40a motors (total)?
Or 40a motors (each)?

Oooh mr fancy here again with his belt hobbywing esc, tsssss showoff.

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You may worship me.

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Just a clarification as its been done:
The motors barely work on the esc haha, it is limited to 25kms/hour because the esc is programmed to only output 650w of power.
You have the obvious jerkiness of trying to run 140kv motors on a esc designed to run 270kv on startup from stop.

Basically its sketchy as fuck but I am about to purchase a few flipsky single esc’s to solve my problems.


Haha wtf Alex I saw this and thought this shit sounds familiar and its actually you.

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