will a 3s nanophosphate 26650 can be used to work with SEQURE spot welder?

Will a 3s nanophosphate 26650 can be used to work with SEQURE spot welder?
continius dischrage of battery is 50amps and pulse for 10 seconds 120amps

will it work without harming the spot welder?

are batteries strong enough with these capabilities to work the spot welder?

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For you don’t know much about talking about batteries, always use the recommended 3S 5000mAh 65C lithium battery.It has been working well and has been used to make more than a dozen battery packs. I hope it will be helpful to you. :smirk:

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spim08hp cells are what you want

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Sounds like OP is asking about a123 lifepo cells. They are 26650 sized, come with nano tech marketing too.

A 4s pack makes the 12v nominal you are looking for homie.

I use a 4s8p of a123 cells to spotweld.

I used 3s lipo pack (rated 50c or something) for a little bit, but it needed frequent recharging.

3s lipo packs approximate 12v, but it’s not ideal.


Can you send piture or other detail about it?

Your battery pack is also use to supply SEQURE spot weldr?

Thanks,can you give me picture or other detail?

Yeah, can we get sommo deets aboot powering spot welders with unconventional stuff? I’ve got all the spimo8s and some 35A 26650’s hanging out and I’ve been able to find some info about stapling the spim’s or these funny clamp things but I’d love to see someone setup who has gotten it to work well! Been thinking if paralleling 3 car bats could get me the CCA I need to weld with a boss lvl wanker but that seems excessive lol. So if I could build a pack outta the 26650’s or learn how to effectively connect the pouch packs to power the boss, I’d be a happy clam

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I believe @TheRef set up his welder with those flat cells

Still have to make a case for them and it took me forever to dial in the lead lengths but it’s welds like butter and lasts a long time. Cost me 70 bucks to my door for the cells. I can also charge them while I weld which is nice.

I set mine up pretty janky with old copper pipe that I made into bus bars. Cost me zero dollars. I like to do things cheap and plus I recycled.

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