Why does everyone hate gamergirl? Is this a boys only club?

I’m very new here and don’t want to tread on any broken glass so please inform me of things to avoid.


Long story short:

There once was an esk8 vendor known as Enertion. They failed to deliver products to people + delivered products with a lot of issues, and went bankrupt. Everyone hates the fool in charge – Jason Potter, aka Jaypo.

One day this GamerGirl shows up to the forum. Some admins at the time compared IP addresses + her back-story didn’t add up, and we concluded that it was simply Jaypo under an alternative account. She stopped visiting almost immediately after.

There are a few females here, and we wish there were more, but hey, what can you do – it’s a very nerdy hobby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Ah ok sounds like a casualty of war. 99% sure she was not the same person as Enertion owner might have been Australian or for New Zeeland though ethnicity wise. Found some stuff about her on the other form.


First I’ve heard of this sir!!!

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Cool now I know to avoid the words Jason Potter, and Enertion. :smile:

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?? you got some actual evidence

It wouldn’t be past jpo to post on both forums to make people be less suspicious. Also, we found out that the profile pic was some random instagram model


I mean Jpo sounds like a lazy guy why the heck would he know detailed stuff about vesc rpm and what to use at high speeds downhill? Just my two cents there that blower fan setup looks insane that she’s using with those castle esc’s.

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Wasnt their account nuked? I cant find it via the @ search


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Yeah thus the reference of casualty of war oh I found a bunch of stuff about her in the other form and when I pmed a guy here he went off on me. :sweat_smile:


Woops, I missed that

wtf :rofl:

Tell em to gobble your nuts if they tweak over a PM, especially if its a legitimate question

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Jpo lazy? I don’t know about that, nor do I know about what they have posted on the other forum.

As far as I am concerned no one had actually determined who it was but it is pretty odd that they had the same ip address

How do u know?

Also, VPN exist.

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Not random, the profile picture girl name is Grace, and photo location was taken in Ireland, and photo was for a photographer’s portfolio.

Don’t ask, im good at googling stuff lol


Interesting new noob you come out swinging with some strong opinions


Well I’m sure I could have found it again too but I didn’t care :joy:

But yes, of course, it is a real person who exists and was photographed

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The guy is super cringe I saw his YouTube videos doesn’t seem like the extreme sports type of guy downhill longboarding is really firkin hard.

Idk about profile pics those are so subjective. Just going off the info two different people

If there’s some chick doing 50mph on a deck, I’m sure there’s video. If she was real, she would have had that on tap.


That sounds hard to film. I can’t even do that going 20 :sweat_smile:

She also claims to be the fastest downhiller (is that even a word?) doing insane speed while at the same time working in nvidia in a city where nvidia doesn’t have an office, and also being a beautiful red head. Things don’t add up bruh