Who wants bigger urethane wheels?

Well kinda… theyre rubber that feel like thane, because of that (i assume) they shit all over thane in the wet without sacrificing ride feel. They feel so connected to the road as to be on rails and while ive seen Dylan Bell slide them, it’ll likely be some time i can even find the point where they lose traction and im going to have to try hard to get there. There are some very skillerld riders here that im sure will work magic with them, i admit to being a lucky hack to have them to play with this early in their development.


Sweet. They would go on the polished concrete track at superkarts then. I rode thanes on it last time, and decided not to do that again. My only rubber tyres board was a big standard lonestar SS which was a bit like taking the Ever Given up the Suez Canal.

I wonder how long these big rubber wheels would last riding tarmac each day?

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Depends on your burnout/km ratio :rofl: