Who likes using larger hubs on rear & slightly smaller hubs on front? Pos & Negs...

How about using RS2 pro alums hubs on front + RS2 pro XL hubs on rear? With my Lacroix board with BN M1-AT GD… Sound good or dog shit idea.?.?

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I don’t think it will affect much beyond style. If that’s the look you like man you do you. Kinda a drag racer look? Not my style but i barely have any style anyway :rofl:.

If you do a build get a big ass 80s cobra on the deck or the grip would be pretty sweet, give it that corvet/bitchen Camaro feel.


Exactly lmao I’m going for a little more of the farrari/ducati style but to be honest I like keeping my board more simple/sleek, less is more…stock Lacroix jaws 2.0; bn m1 at gear drive, fs 63100, the rest I like keeping stock besides wanting to buy those new hubs w/ primo alpha AT/offroad tire. That should give you an idea of how my style translates to my board.

Mainly want to use the wheels setup for the technical reasons as I believe Id rather have all four same size when it comes to looks but it I’d rather have only 2 of the 4 hubs sticking out further than the tire and think it would be more cost effective this way. While have a little more offset in the rear with a little more contact patch too than the front yet I would still get more offset and wider contact patch on front too than I have now w/ my stock rs2 nylon hubs.

Sorry, that’s my break down in my head at least.

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Both alu mbs hubs have the same contact patch for 8" tires. As long as you use the inner 3.75" lip only, I don’t see a point for the xl hubs, unless you want the wider stance or you want to have both bearings on the inner part of the hub.

i have my front track set narrower than my rear (which in theory should yield a sharper turning response) the difference in width between the rs2 pros and xl’s are negligible if you’re using the inner (3.75) lip of the xl’s.

Thank you for your response. Correct me if I’m reading this incorrectly but I’m seeing contact patch by correlating lips:

  1. RS2 nylons = 34mm / 0 offset
  2. RS2 pro alums = 39mm / offset 2mm each side?
  3. RS2 pro alum XL’s = 44 or 45mm w/ 3.5mm offset each side

So its not too too much of a difference but certainly some substantial difference If I’m reading correctly.

You bring up a wonderful point: “Sharper turning response”.

I’m personally not as interested in carving yet more interested in stability and avoiding speed wobbles at higher speeds as I use my Eboard more for longer commutes so it may be a good idea for me to just get the XL’s on all four wheels now thinking of it that way.

Oh wait you are right the rs2 pro is only 39mm. Somehow I remembered that’s also 44mm.

Not sure on the offset of the rs2 pro, but the xl is at least like 10mm offset per wheel

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