Who got both Exway x1pro and Wave?

The reason I’m asking is because I want to know if its possible to transplant the Wave drivetrain to use it in x1pro. I know its a riot v2, and I know the bushing will need to be changed and stuff, I just need to know if the connectors between two drivetrain is interchangeable. As long as I can drive it, that’s all I need.

Exway is refusing to answer me, so I’m asking here. People from reddit said no, and fuck facebook.

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No one would have the wave except reviewers


But I’m pretty sure you can’t since they use different connectors and motors. Unless you’re willing to swap out the connectors.

There’s also the question of will the X1 ESC even accept the riot 2 motors.


I’ve check photos of those connectors, they seems to be the same. no reason to modify a connector if it works well, and both x1pro and wave have the L shape port, so I’m just guessing it will fit easier than flex’s drivetrain if they fit at all.

It’s not possible. They use different trucks and have different mounting positions plus the wave has the esc integrated into the baseplate


even just the hanger with motors? ditch the baseplate

Maybe if you want to jerryrig a way to keep the connector held in and modify the connector a bit to sit better sure… I think the software config may also be different though unsure about that part

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that can be done, any chance u can test if this config would work when u have some time?

I don’t have my pro anymore

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Are they? I count 9 pin on the Wave and 8 for the Pro

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no worries, I will find another way

found this, its a 9pin, I just don’t know if they have exactly same pinout. if they do, then it should just be plug-and-change-bushing and play (if there is no software issue)

Looks to be the same. Won’t know till ya try , I do see the baseplate being an issue

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Maybe, good luck

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im might pull the trigger on trying this
should i do it?
@discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: You may rely on it

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say whaaattt??
The esc is in the baseplate? :o

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Yep it’s also got an rgb taillight and pinout for a front light

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