Who f*d up more in this group ride accident?

Both riders made a mistake but I seem to be in the minority who think the guy on the lacroix was more at fault. People who go on group rides, what are your do’s and dont’s?

  • Lacroix rider
  • EUC rider

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I saw this earlier today

Unfortunately I just can’t find a way that the lacroix was at fault

Wtf was that EUC guy doing? Why did he all of a sudden turn and slow down? If you’re going to slow down like that, you need to look first, or do it straight.

As a EUC rider, you should know that you have WAY more mobility than anyone else. No one could turn to avoid that except maybe another EUC.

For me, I NEVER cross from the path I’m on without looking

Edit: Trying to run the redlight wasn’t smart either, but still. EUC should have looked and been more aware.


Not once did the euc look back to make sure his swerve was clear to swerve.


Ive never ridden an EUC before but from what i know, most of the way you turn on those things is based on head movement and you end up turning where you look. He definitely couldve used his arm or something to signal tho for sure


I think the lacroix rider… He was going a speed way too fast for a red light, the EUC didn’t really swerve, he more drifted into the left lane, a lane that the group was already using :man_shrugging:


True but he wasn’t going stupidly fast, and even if the lane was used, the euc didn’t signal at all his turn


Yea I think the euc guy just wasn’t comfortable running the red so he wanted to move to the island on the left to let others who do pass. Lacroix was just going way too fast for his own reaction time.


Yeah I mean there was no way he could even attempt to stop for that at that speed lol

That was probably 28mph or so


It was pretty stupid fast, it was a red light and the EUC was right at the line anyways. It’s not like the EUC quickly swerved in front, he did it a solid amount of tjem beforehand


In longboard terms it was pretty quick, almost like a fast carve


28mph ? it was still a cruising speed, look more like 20/22 mph

Idk maybe it was that slow but it looked pretty fast to me. Could be the camera

The name of the game in any group ride is being hyper aware of everything though

Unfortunately neither of them were


Yeah the red light is a bit obscure
Like were they all trying to burn through it ? No one was looking to stop before it


Actually the lacroix rider was picking up speed and accelerating, that’s why he’s in a slight tuck. That doesn’t help his case that it was the EUC fault :rofl::rofl:


Yeah that’s what I thought too haha

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The LC is making the greater error here IMO- you don’t speed up into a red-light intersection. See a red light? Slow down…


True, at the same time though, had the euc rider not been there, he was only putting himself at risk.


There’s no reason to speed into a light, nor should you be changing lanes without a clear signal. 2 people did stupid shit and happened to get hurt from it


Was it the group ride policy to burn red lights ? Because it seems like the Lacroix boy noticed the redlight and was going for it (notice the head tilt to the left, which is why he didn’t notice the EUC). Switching Lanes on RED LIGHT!!! - YouTube

Both are at fault, bad swerve for EUC and bad decision for the LS SuperSport boy.


The video is footage taken from BAESK8 groupride, running reds is very common.