Who do you trust

Which esk8 related company do you trust to deliver a decent product in a decent timeframe.
Please don’t rant to much about the time you got ripped but highlight companies that are doing shit right.
I’ll start.
No. 1 for me haggyboard. Timo had my stuff shipped in about 1 hour and sent pics of it being posted. Everything I’ve got looks great(slowly building so haven’t tested yet). Plus he offered to help set up my vesc if i need it.


Can 2nd @haggyboard.timo great products and fast shipping.


@NoWind with E-Toxx delivers always!:blush:
@BCoad If you ever buy somethin’ from him, contact him per e-mail.


What do they sell, any brand website etc pls ?

Had to check out his website after that endorsement his stuff looks niice.https://www.e-toxx-shop.com/


@thurbolt this is haggyboards website https://haggyboard.com/


His helical gears are dope.

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Yeah I remember looking at them when i first joined the forum but somehow resisted the temptation. God why’d you make me look again.

I’ve ordered from almost every US based esk8 vendor one time or another, And @haggyboard.timo still ships the fastest lol.


Because I tested them and @Andy87 has his Chain drive for his Ice Crusher build.

They look sick I’m gonna add it to my list of things to get when i get a post office box. to hide the deliverys fom my wife.


Then take it to a shady place, where your wify wouldn’t find it right away.:innocent:

I’ve also had great experiences with psychotiller and hyperion.

I haven’t done any big orders from torqueboards but if you’re around on the site regularly you’ll notice he’s probably one of the most active vendors on the forum and is always willing to help solve problems his customers run into.

Another person worth mentioning is dickyho
Guy takes feedback on his products great and always seems willing to make changes that the community asks for.


Im always at work when things get delivered and get calls at work like what the hell is this.

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Thanks .ps its awesome that this forum gives you the chance to actually interact with vendors.

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my nominees include:

@hummieee …not always extremely timely but solid in everything he does and willing to back it up.

@Psychotiller - all transaction have been sweet and simple

@torqueboards- pretty timely and good customer service when on point

@Kug3lis - good interactions thus far and builds crazy cool shit

@bevilacqua - Haya boards are amazballs and he worked hard to get them out


Great people/stores to buy stuff from I have experience with:
@NoWind (e-toxx)
@rpasichnyk @hexakopter
Hobbyking (who would have thought ?)

Edited to add a few I have forgotten


Yeah i can vouch for hobbyking being in Australia they’re a godsend for delivering promptly.

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Feel like its a must for any vendorsl that wants to establish themselves. The esk8 community is so small in All reality .

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Same with my father when things get delivered and then he always asks, what in the hell of Jesus I had ordered.:joy:
The helical gear drive is silent as a dead coyote on the road.
@Skunk I share the same experience with you about torqueboards.

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