Where to get Kenda tires?

Are they the new toilet paper?

Ordered from these dudes last weekend.
No tracking no response to my email.

Had ordered from these guys twice but price went up just a little bit…


As an alternative option, Innova Slickcut seem to be pretty much the same and trampa shipping is stupid fast



They claim to be in stock. A bit spendy but the best I’ve gotten these tires for with them being legit kendas was like $12/tire


" Campus Skooters is an established dealership that is located in the beautiful State College, Pennsylvania. We first opened our dealership in April of 2013. "

They’re probably still shut down :man_shrugging:

This is a good place for tires. They are our of Miami.
200x50 they have the trampa tires. They also have 200x75 and the kenda 200x50.


Today I got all of my orders.

4 tires from campusskooters.
4 tires from urbanscooters.
And 6 tubes from scooterdomain…

I also ordered more tires and tubes from campusskooters since they are so cheap and delivered the first set…no tracking yet which is annoying…


Nice I’m going to order some kenda 909. Thinking about partsforscooters, As they are local in Florida. I’ve used scooterdomain also with great results. But their shipping quote is down.

also free shipping above $100 which is 4tires and 5 tubes. They have the exact same price as scooterdomain. Might be sister companies/website.

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I recently ordered from them as well and didn’t receive any shipping confirmation and neither did they reply to my email. I guess, it’s all good as long as I receive my stuff.

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I got my first and second order ok.
And just a couple days ago I ordered 8 more tires.

Yeah… Their communication could be much better.

My first order took forever because they did not have stock. And email responses took forever as well.

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Did you get them? Still waiting for mine (although I ordered "just"2 weeks ago).

I never got them. I tried calling and sending emails but nothing. But something funny happened. My gmail receipt says that I paid by paypal, but paypal has no records of such a transaction. So there is nothing for me to ask for my money back. :man_shrugging:

I got order 1 an 2. But a month or so back placed another order and nothing happened. Never got charged…

ohh, that’s what happened to me too then. Never got charged.

same here. God damnit, need these tire for a reasonable price O_o


Any updates on this topic in 2021?


Are you guys able to get stuff from aliexpress? I ordered some tires last May and I never got them

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I had one order from that month that was lost, I assumed it was because covid. All other orders eventually arrived though. (they weren’t Kenda tires though)


Thankful @Taraskasyanyuk had mercy on my wicked soul.


@Ace @abusfullofnuns no luck finding them for less than 20 bucks …

Used to get them for 10.
I think I am ok with 15…
20 is too much.

@Tamatoa I have not seen the Kendas on Ali.

Some of the scooter stores are saying restock in April…
We know how that goes.

I am trying to o figure out if I get some of the Clever ones… Like metroboard. Also hard to find.

Or get some of the Quind ones.