Where to find an XR?

Where can I find a new Onewheel XR or a LIGHTLY used XR? Is there anywhere that has some stock of them?

Future Motion vehicles are explicitly designed to be unrepairable, so buying them I would advise against.

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That’s why used is better, if they survive the first few hundred miles they are probably gonna last a few thousand

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With all do respect, stay in your place with what you know. I have owned a v1 for 2 years and put 130 miles on it it in the last two weeks alone. Trust me, I know the onewheel. I understand all the drama with the anti-repair measures future motion has. I didn’t ask you about your opinions on the Onewheel, I asked where to buy one.


Facebook marketplace is the easiest place to get an XR for sure, look for 4208 or 4209 if you wanna do battery mods

Cheers, and I wish you luck in your search. :slight_smile:


Thanks bro!

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Ok. I’m not really looking to do battery mods. I’m used to 8 miles of range so 18 is gonna be crazy for me. The only upgrades I’m gonna do is grip tape, rail guards and bumpers. Thanks for the advice!


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Spelling police doesn’t appreciate this

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Neither do I


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But yes, @Stockster4 probably FB Marketplace, onewheel groups on facebook, maybe a onewheel discord buy channel, or offerup

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Why’s he get rewarded for spelling mistakes?

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