Where to buy cells Australia

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. I’ve had a look around but can’t find the info I need.
Wondering if anyone knows where to get a good price on cells in Aus. Don’t mind shipping from overseas but I know there can be restrictions with shipping batteries. Can get some from eBay for $12.50 a cell for 30q from what seems to be a reputable seller.

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@glyphiks should know

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There are many places to get cells in Aussie land and it depends on what you you’re after. Below are some of the places open for the public.




If you want the holy grail - Molicel 21700 then your best bet is going directly through to a vape store and opening up a trade account although you‘ll need an ABN number. www.vapetraders.com.au and www.oz-eliquid.com.au are a few that do this.

Another point to consider is that battery building services in Oz are pretty good and price competitive. If you’re only after one or two packs it may just be worth your while to have them built as opposed to investing in equipment and inventory to build your own (Getting set up with the right gear can be expensive).

Also don’t buy from ebay, gumtree of facebook market place.



Any thoughts, cheeser?


@Regular_Michael nailed it.

Only thing I will add is that techaroundyou also have a wholesale option that requires an account set up with an ABN.

Also, i hear that there are still people having success ordering from 18650 battery store. Although it is marginally cheaper to buy from them as it is to buy local, i’ve steered away from that option after a mate had a package seized by customs/shipping authorities.


Thanks for the input. Gold