Where my Hawaiians at?

Just reaching out. Ill be in Oahu first week of April and would love to meet up and ride with someone one if they got a spare board/helmet or… hit some bars, clubs, beaches or anything else one sees fit!

Lemme know!


@Dmaxx where you at brudah

Go skate this:

Go skate tantalus

These are orders. :call_me_hand:


I think he is on big island. Near Hilo


I’m on the Big Island yo :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand: Definitely not able to just hop over to Oahu, but come to hilo and I got 4 boards running right now :wink:


good to hear that an 808 crew exists. born and raised, but im on the mainland for school most days of the year.

sad chee hoo


same @Accrobrandon, but I’ll have to either put together a 99wh board or ship a battery there ahead of time. hmm can I just bring loose cells on a plane? weld a pack on the beach?

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Would be fun to have occasional group rides with local riders. I wonder how the police would react to a bunch of guys riding the street on esk8s

@wandagoner is in Oahu…
might have an EXway or an EUC to spare?

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bump @Accrobrandon dafuq are we doing in waikiki, i only have two weeks to get my shit together

should I get headway HP’s from battery hookup and carry on them in a pelican case? I could carry the bolts and bus bars separately and it would be super easy to assemble the pack in a hotel room

i gots reservations at both the hyatt on paokalani and the surfrider on kalakaua 3/29-4/5 will cancel one for a full refund next week after weighing cost-benefits

having a board would be bomb, i could easily pick up groceries (not the janelle groceries) erryday from the whole foods ala moana (remember I got a hot wife and three kids to feed)

@sesat hi…sorry busy couple days… I guess riding on HI is just another pipe dream haha #pun
But i arrive the 2nd around 2pm… Have a workshop to teach at 7-9pm then free after… Fri-sun are all day teaching days but free after 7ish pm if yur down to meet up for whatever? I got n airbnb around the area pictured. Lemme know if u think we can make it happen!

@Dmaxx wish I could hop to Hilo… But will keep in mind for next time…i hope to not make it another 10yrs before seeing HI again…


at this point I might just bring a mellow board, I haven’t bought the big bare cells and equipment to assemble a pack in a hotel room. is also looking like my wife will have her way, so we’ll be at the surfrider instead of the hyatt

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dont mind if i do too! haha ill ride yur coat tails to some of that beach front property and let line up some shots n mai tais…or what ever!

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hey bud it doesn’t look like this is happening for me.

being confined to a hotel room with three kids and the missus for a 14 day quarantine isn’t our idea of a vacay. even if the room had a nice lanai and a good view, which i happen to only be able to afford with the ongoing 'rona discounts.

and i can’t actually afford room service for every meal for every day of the trip, hence the suitcase-packable hub board I picked up to make quick runs to the whe foods in ala moana to pick up hot food, snacks, sandwich fixins’

all the best on your work trip if it’s still happening, and my sympathies if it’s been canceled

yeah everything got cancelled. Will be rescheduled for fall probably but on lock down and no work untill things settle down in the US.
be safe

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