Where do you get your carbon fix?

Looking for a reliable and good price/quantity/quality carbon & Kevlar film seller based in US ; Detroit would be icing on the cake

Do you guys have some contacts?

@sender @bigben by chance?

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The man @Sender introduced me to this



Like @yelnats8j said, I am a big composite envisions fan.

You may find cheaper, but those guys are great and have great products that you can’t get anywhere else.


US Composites for years now

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Sorry, US based suppliers isn’t something I know much about.
I think you’re in good hands though!

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Detroit? If you’re ever near grand rapids hit me up!

Oh. Says you’re in france…

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Thank you guys for the infos!

@FourteeOZ yes I’m in France but when I come I’ll contact you! I’m working with two skaters on a side project (they do aggressive & ramp stuff) :

They want to take this to a comp & we need to reinforce the proto :checkered_flag::checkered_flag:

If you’re going to have a couple pros romp around on this frame you should consider just having them cnc cut out of aluminum, delrin, or glass filled nylon. Seems like someone could get pretty messed up if this failed.

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Yes you’re 100% right and that’s the main plan but they don’t wanna wait for the cnc alu version (they want to play now).

So in meantime we thought carbon inner layer + Kevlar aramide outer layer sandwich.

Carbon for rigidity and aramide for impacts protection.

But yea it is designed for aluminum in the first place :sweat_smile: