Wheely big day build. Trampa Orrsom, Haggy/avio AT dual SK3 6374

Back story.

My beautiful wife is a primary school teacher and every year they have a “Wheely big day”(only a teacher could come up with that name)
Everyone brings wheeled transport or indeed anything with wheels for the kiddies to check out. Big thing on her school teacher calendar apparently but as most of the time I’m not listening this was the first I’d heard of it.

Fast forward to very recently

Wife approaches while I am engrossed in building out my new board and casually asks
“What are you doing?”
I of course reply with the old faithful
“Just rebuilding this old board I have had for ages dear.” :smirk:
“Is that the one you’re building for my Wheely big day?” Wtf???
“Of course it is my darling, I wanted it to be a surprise.” :sunglasses:
“Is that why you’ve been hiding all those packages?” I was so sneaky, she was sneakier
“yes baby” I’m going to hell

So instead of my 12s 4p 30T fire breathing animal, I now have to come up with something kid friendly. Karmas a bitch

Parts bin raid

2 Hobbyking 4.12’s and an enertion 10s4p 30q raptor 2 pack. (refurbished) My fucking arse it was. Another story…
Cracked out the build in record time.

Up the skirt shot. Looking good so far.

Finished article all charged up and ready to go with some nice kid friendly settings

This happened, vent city;

And this;

Bit of a chicken and the egg thing going on here. Not sure whether the vesc killed the battery or the shitty battery killed the vesc. Vesc was practically brand new and the battery was made by enertion so you draw your own conclusions. What I will say is if you have need to ever examine an enertion battery then you will be as shocked as me that more raptors don’t go up in flames.

Parts bin raid 2nd attempt

Test bench 10s 3p battery that sits on my bench like a power supply and does its job in a stellar manner is called into the mix and 2 canbus fucked focboxes get a recall.
Whip the bms off the flaming turd of an enertion mess and chuck it on the 10s3p.
Charge port and we are good to go brothers. Dog is not impressed apparently

Its alive. Its slow and steady but it will be working fine when she needs it and that is all that matters.
Happy wife happy life.

Words to live by.

Stay tuned because it will get the necessary 12s4p 30T and be something completely different.
Thanks to
@magharees for the drives trucks and wheels
@haggyboard.timo and @avX for making said drives and trucks
@Trampa for the seriously good quality deck and enclosure but not for the chocolate stainless screws


Gutted to have had a hand in that! Ashamed that you have @mmaner’s knack of being able to knock one out in an evening.

Beautiful work bro


Nice build! You can be happy that you didn’t need to cut the trampa enclosure to make it flexible. It was a pain doing this on my carver.
What you came up with to cover the extra holes which where drilled in the enclosure?


Should have done some credits but as its a work in progress I thought I’d leave that to the final iteration. The only reason it went so quick is because it is simple to the point of cro magnon.

Needed to be what it needed to be and that is all folks.

Still have that davega to build though thanks to you and it whispers in the night at me…


Mate that stuff is the worst to work on. Hairy filaments fly all over the place while cutting and to get a straight line is nigh on impossible. Rubber bunged off the unnecessary holes and enlarged the others to fit the battery meter. And do not get me started on trampa’s undying affiliation to marine grade stainless steel. Why not use chocolate instead?


What’s that pink stuff between the motors and the gear drive?

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Its a cover to stop grease getting into the open motors.


Very nice! Sk3s look like tig ol biddies on a dual drive.


Dis will be my description when I’m old :sweat_smile:
@Dareno amusing text, cool build and :pineapple: lady is very lucky to have you :kissing_heart:


Just realised how poignant that quote was. lol Me or the board???

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Sorry, don’t understand what you mean. It’s morning still for me

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Get some coffee and read it again. Slow and steady and will be there when she needs it…

This quote was about me when I will be old ahahha

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Thanks dude

Made me feel so much better. :rofl:

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I tried my best but my English level is not yet over 8000 (DBZ reference)


Love how the deck rides. Nice progressive flex. Anyone who hasn’t tried Haggy trucks needs too. They are fantastic straight out of the box. Avio gear drive? Lovely bit of kit. Easy to set up and beautifully constructed. @avX Jeff one thing for us SK3 users, a set screw on the pinion would be nice. Flat spots on a motor shaft is so much easier to do than milling a keyway.


Class build! How did you mill the keyway bro?

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With this little baby.

Tungsten carbide dremel bit which flew out of the dremel on the last one and bounced off my head leaving a small cut and is now gone.
Easiest way is to cut the shaft down to where you want it and then cut the keyway in the end of the shaft with the cutting tool horizontal to it. Practice on an old shaft if you have one because its not the easiest thing in the world to do. Have a look at my early attempts

This was the one that I decided was good enough to go for the real thing

Early fuck ups are clear lol

If you have to do one in the middle of the shaft then a very shallow angled approach and draw the tool across the size you want and cut it in small increments. That is a nightmare though free hand.


Great work mate! At least you got it done

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Day went well but the board didn’t come back…yet. Deputy principle has “borrowed” it for the weekend and then the wife has claimed it as her own. So the 12s conversion will now not happen because shes my wife and I love her. Karma really got me this time so next…