Wheels, what pullys to get

complete novice building my first board, im looking at a few wheels to buy at the moment, but unsure about pullys, if i buy a wheel am i likley to be able to get a pully for it?
i plan to get these trucks,

if anybody has any for sale id be interested, wheels pullys, and trucks, in in the uk


Most use wheels with one of these two cores.
Abec or kegel.

Lots of pulleys options. Bkb, dickyho, torqueboards …

But you can also use

But less pulleys options. Pretty much @moon holding down this corner of the market


Either bolt on pulley, https://www.janux-esk8.com/product-page/abec-kegel-type-pulleys or Pressfit, https://www.janux-esk8.com/product-page/janux-pressfit-ic-wheel-pulley-set-for-abec-flywheel-and-clones would work on your truck.

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If you’re getting the TB 218s, you can get their 110mm wheels as well, its quite popular. You can use Kegel pulleys with those.


thanks im kind of on a budget so im looking for second hand ones at the moment

Abec Clones are cheap. (For good reason)

found a set of these quite cheep

That have a abec core.
Ive never tried those so i can’t comment.

You could probably find used genuine abecs for that price tho if you ask around enough.

thanks skunk, if you come across some please let me know thanks

I have these for sale still. Run smoother than most clones. I’ve had good feedback regarding the ride for the price. £25 including pp fee for the 90mm wheels. £15 including op fees for a pulley kit (36t-15mm Alu wheel pulley, 15t steel motor pulley, ring, and bolts)


Good deal this :arrow_up:


totally agree! if I was buying TB215 today I would get the 110s too - its a no brainer!

If you want a set of 107mm evolve f1 wheels with 40t 12mm aluminum pulleys. I’m selling for 90 + shipping o3o

Have you got a pic

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