Wheels and Belts rubbing issue


I just got a set of MAD 105 V2’s for my Backfire Zealot S2 and want to enjoy them, but I have an issue with spacing. The wheels and belts are too close, causing rubbing and fraying as shown by the shiny strands from the belts and dust from wheels/belts all over, and also the huge grooves on the wheels. In the file below is pictures and videos highlighting the issues, stuff taken apart, and what has happened so far. The last video within the file, should be one of the board deck down on pavement, is the most recent. I currently have 1 speed ring between the wheel and pulley on each side. It helped a lot, but it still is too close to where on turns it rubs I believe due to the belts showing slight rubbing indentations on each side and the wheels having an “outline” from this on the wheels. No more grooves happened, no more weird noises from rubbing when riding, no issues with the extreme slowing down I felt before. Just still not enough space still, so I would like any help to resolve this issue so I can finally enjoy these wheels on my board. Any help/opinions/advice is all very much appreciated!

(wheels and belts issue - Google Drive)

Pick up a 2 or 4mm spacer off amazon to push the wheels a smidge out? Do you have threads left on the axle?

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Yes like @Pecos said, looks like you just need to space the wheels/pulleys out further, assuming you have enough axle thread to tighten the wheel nut on properly. You can stack some speed rings or buy some various width 8mm ID spacers. Probably only need a couple mm at most. Do you have a pic of your axle nut (outside of wheel) to show how much thread space you have?

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Currently with 1 stock speed ring(I think like 0.5mm maybe but not fully sure) in and barely tight enough to have the wheel not slide/shimmy, the nut is just barely able to fully be on enough to be fully threaded.

My issue is just stacking will still allow the pulley to go over them as its opening is bigger. I am trying to find a speed ring/washer where the inner diameter is the 8mm axle size but its outer size is bigger than the pulley’s opening gap so it cannot keep sliding. But, in the end similarly to what I told Pecos, currently I have no excess space of thread at all which is also causing an issue with what if possible to be done and all.