Wheelchair Thread as well as "Not A Wheelchair" Mobility Tool.

I have been turning my attention to these devices and researching the space.

Here I want to collect the info I have found on them as a whole and discuss our fav topic of making things with too much power for too little money.

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^ https://vimeo.com/509804456

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I want to talk about this first.

they offer this which looks awesome to use for a first project.
I imagine it being a lot less sketchy than someone doing something like a random joystick, arduino and two ESCs.

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12v input it claims. I wonder what it could handle. Makes sense now for the $140 price point.


My idea was you could use this as a modular base and for testing stuff and adapt the outputs to be signals to another ESC, if need be of more power. Another solution could be more cost effective, if less universal.

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Is this a wheelchair? seems much unlike most. I would consider it just Accessible Longboards.

woah Loaded hubs on Valkyries! not seen that before this.



Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham shared a post on Instagram: "Been working on building WCMX E-chair and I couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out so far. Scary but so much fun. Huge thanks to @mboardsco and everyone who has helped me with this...
Aaron wheelz making a diy build.

Sadly a VX1 is being trusted… Gotta get that out.

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Mboards helped him out with that. Not surprising hearing about the vx1 given that fact.
Otherwise, a neat build.

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Seems like there is a garage shop type thing happening.