Wheel Chunking thread

Let’s discuss wheel chunking…

Got pics? Feel free to post here. What wheels chunk the most? What makes wheels chunk? How can we prevent chunking? etc.

Is chunking (not) an exact science? I don’t know, so let’s talk. Every time I get a new set of wheels I take them out initially for some progressively harder and harder carving until I see the shinyness starting to fade. Once my wheels are noticably less new looking (but still a smooth and a bit shiny if you wash them, maybe 1-2 rides) I’ll take them to butter smooth pavement and carve to the point where they break free and slide, sliding them toeside and heelside over and over until the shine is gone and they have a matte texture. This doesn’t work so well for super sharp edges like the 3DM Avila’s, grippins, or any wheel with absolutely 0 round on the edge- for those it’s just a lot of hard carving over time. For most everything else though, harder and harder carving and some sliding soon after has always led me to wheels that are sufficiently broken in and have never chunked. After a while sliding on smooth pavement to establish the matte texture it’s safe(er) to start sliding in rougher and rougher pavement and not have to worry. I’ve also never had any stone ground wheels chunk, you can chew those up on anything first ride.

In the end this seems to work for me… this is the process I’ve been using for the last 20 years or so and I cannot remember having ever chunked a wheel, so maybe I shouldn’t be talking about chunking at all… either way, what procedures have you guys established for ensuring your wheels don’t chunk?


switch to pnums :sunglasses: :rofl:


Noted! :sob:

Only problem I have with pneumatics is they are so much harder to slide… I guess that’s also a huge plus most of the time. :nerd_face:


It’s a feature, not a bug! xD


old conversation but I guess this is nature telling me to switch to pneumatics?