What's your range?

So I wanted to know what real world miles people are getting.

I did 24miles on Friday, 10 on Sunday and another 15 miles on Tuesday all with out charging. When I got to my car last night I had 18% left and felt the unity soft cut for the first time.

49miles within a few days on one charge and I’m 300lbs I still could have ridden a few more miles atleast.

Big batteries are heavy to carry but its worth it

This is all from a 12s8p 30q battery. I know you lighter guys would get way more range on the same set up.


I get about 12-13miles off a Boosted XR pack with an avg. speed of 15mph (Ik it’s slow)
But with a lot of 15-20 % hills…

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What wheels were you running?

2 minutes max


12s 10Ah 60C lipos get me 10-14km off-road and 18km easy on street @ dual 6384 motors.

on my 10s2p of nano tech 4500mah lipos (9ah) on dual 6374’s i get between 18 and 25km. however I’ve made a range extender so I can plug into the charge port and get an extra 45km or so

Got 14 miles on the exway x1 pro just yesterday

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Running TB 110mm wheels now. 16/36t gearing and 190kv 6374s

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27-30km on 10s5p diyeboard pack

12s4p 30q

When I built it about a year ago I got a little over 30 miles out of it.

Now a year later and 1,500 miles down the road it seems to do about 20-25 miles. I haven’t done a full test lately so it’s a rough guess. I don’t think it will go 30 anymore though.

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10s2p 30Q with ownboard hubs at 12a each seems to get me into the 11/12 mile range, but with significant sag around the 10th mile onwards

that is still impressive.
10s4p 40km safe, havn’t rly pushed how far it can go.

I got 3 miles out of a 8s 5ah lipo running dual 6384… i think it might be sagging a bit lol


15 miles vaguely uphill or 25 mostly level.
my pack is 16s1p lifepo4 - 8ah.
I use the pack for both my bicycle and my board. This morning I had 25% left after bike to work day, it’s 17 miles, generally uphill (downtown denver to south of DTC area using cherry creek bike path)

Shorter trips (under 10 miles) show that my board eats the battery about 20% more than my bicycle.

So I would be confident to take my board home from work, but not to work.

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couldn’t agree more with you :+1:


Real-world ranges (more possible if I go slower, but I don’t go slower)

8 miles (12.8km) on a 12S2P 5Ah LiFePO4
15 miles (24.1km) on a 10S5P 16Ah li-ion
30 miles (48.3km)on a 10S10P 29Ah li-ion

I use the skates with the 5Ah LiFePO4 more than any other skates.

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Are you freaking kidding me

How powerful is the startup

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That’s 58.4V fully-charged, but very, very, very quickly drops to about 53.3V

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I usually get around 6-8 miles on 10s 4ah Lipo and 6354-200kv. 90mm Abec clones. Top speed 27mph


On my old dual 5055 on Kegels I could go 37 km on a 10S 10 Ah

The same battery on Gummies was getting a maximum of 27 km

Now that I’m on 10S5P of 30Q I should get about 45km, but haven’t been able to test yet

All this ranges is on my standard testing route, roughly 10km in length that I keep doing laps until empty, always done in days without wind

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