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What's the best way to make an enclosure spacer

Looking for tips/tricks on a good easy way to make a spacer for an enclosure to gain about 7-15mm

also links to threads that pertain? searching for “enclosure spacer” lead to less useful results than I’d hoped.

Al was pouring some urethane gaskets for enclosures. Moulds traced to shape and made from MDF. Has some notes on his workshop thread for the pimp bus board. Al's Wild World of Wallaby Wankery - #188 by glyphiks - Workshops - FreeSK8


I used a 1” thick strip of neoprene foam, cut holes in it with a dremel, and put 1/2” nylon spacers in the holes. It’s worked pretty well so far, and the amount of force needed to compress the neoprene means the enclosure is definitely dust resistant and probably water resistant as well, but I haven’t tested it.


I would buy a thick silicone/rubber gasket sheet that’s wide enough for you to trace the enclosure on. Add a mm to each side for safety and cut the outline out. Hollow out the middle to whatever your deck needs and transfer enclosure mounting holes to the gasket.


where’d you get neoprene or silicone sheets of any thickness? bezos? (mostly found thinner stuff) or somewhere more specialized?

I had a sheet at work from McMaster Carr but it was pricey for a thick roll. I wonder if local hardware shops might have some in an off section.

Yep, looks like 36x36" is a common size.

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Yup got mine from Bezos

Must’ve misremembered the specs, but I think you’ll find that thickness to be plenty. Initially I wished I’d gone with something smaller because I couldn’t compress the strip around the enclosure with my whole weight

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I’ve bought this stuff before: Neoprene Sponge Foam Rubber Sheet & Pad w/ Adhesive 1/4"Thick x12"Wide x54"Long | eBay

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I think you’re asking the wrong question, IMHO

“Why I try to cram this giant battery in this small box” might be more appropriate :rofl:

In all honesty though, I don’t care for enclosure gaskets, at all. The end result is much worse with a gasket and more forces are sent directly through the battery et alli instead of the deck and enclosure.

Have you considering making a new enclosure that’s not too shallow?

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Or a battery that fits…

well, I’m not an enclosure maker, so I ruled that out.
I had considered doing a 12s2p p42a so yes I a battery that fit better. butt 12s3p is almost there. and either way smart BMS struggles for room.

the board is a tayto. I have a BigBen enclosure for it. If I could get a doublestack premade maybe that’s better.

but I was under the perhaps mistaken impression enclosure spacers were common.

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I think they are common.

I just think they’re a bad idea. YMMV :man_shrugging:

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So dude.
Since I’m also not an Enclosure maker and I’m especially impatient and bad at planning parts is use the crap out of gaskets…

Thin adhesive strips. Thick adhesive strips.
Big ol sheet of foam… Hard to cut and make look neat.

Expanding insulation stripping from Ace hardware was a recent new attempt… And it it is not as dense but transitioned well at different heights.

Sorry but can’t find a link for the ace stuff or something just like it

But it said it expanded from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

Hopefully these pictures give you an idea.

I did feel like it was a bit of a sin doing this to an eboosted enclosure…
But whatever. The board looks way better than it did before and it works fine…

For thinner gaps I use these times of strips.
2 or three stacked sometimes.
I like to put one on the enclosure and one on the deck.