What's a good Eboosted alternative for Vanguard battery enclosure?

I’m looking for a 10s4p enclosure for my Loaded Vanguard build. So far Eboosted enclosure seems to be the most recommended but it’s a bit pricey for me as it’d cost more even than the $75 used Vanguard deck that I’m paying for.

Would 2 of these Ebay enclosures work with 24 cells in the front and 16 cells in the rear plus a dual makerx VESC?

maybe these?

Maybe, you kinda need the packs to have a configuration that runs series or parallel…you can put a 12s2p/10s2p/8s3p/6s4p and a 12s1p/10s1p/8s2p/6s2p4s4p in the rear but the wires will suck.

It sounds like 6s4p front and 4s4p rear with them in series is the way to go for you. You’ll either have a separate BMS and charger for the 2 packs (do not plug them in at the same time, they will short over the negative terminal in the wall) or a 10s BMS somewhere and have the balance leads run between them, which is what I would go for.

Buy all from @dickyho and pick up this BMS to go with

I use this enclosure under my loaded, exept its the aluminium one ( it came with my wowgo 2s) it can fit at most, when you get very creative with the battery a 10s3p i think. But for this you have to shave away the supports and also the bms has to go to the other box. 12s2p will fit easily i guess, so 24 cells will fit snug.

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