What was your first esk8 and where is it now?

I bought one of those single motor, 2-speed, 7s2p longboards you see on Alibaba from a guy locally. It worked and did the job of opening my eyes. Two days later, I bought a Meepo 1.0 from another local rider.

I sold the original board to Maner, who uses it as his #1 ride in the low speed setting. (It’s in pieces in a box somewhere.)


True story, I have to carry this massive penis around somehow :smiley:


My first was a diy 10s2p dual hub from shit cells, beaten hubs, a basic ESC, and hella duct tape. It had 6 deck swaps in the first 4 days. It’s currently in pieces on my desk because I just used it to power pneumatics with the hubs


First board was a 9s2p 5000mah Zippy batterys, single 6355 on a Custom Skateboards 38 - 40 inch deck

It is currently in pieces and everything is scattered around.


First esk8 was a riptide r1 my wife bought me.

Then this happened.

So it got tkp surfrodz, psychotiller mounts, bkb press fit pulleys, and black 97mm abec11s


Now its on e-cal trucks, re decked to a 30inch Skateshread deck. 97mm clones, enertion mounts and dickyho pulleys.

Almost running. Just waiting on a few parts.


I really like how that deck graphic plays with your eyes.

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Oh such a thing of unrivalled beauty.

Mine was even older than that thing and here she still resides like a monument to bad decisions.


My first board was actually a Leafboard, used it heavily everyday to work and then it broke down after 9 months.

And then… LOL

Being the ringmaker that i am, i cut a piece off the deck and made a ring out of it.


Buy the new model, it’s so great. I had the older one before and the new one is so improved.

Its definitely a good beginner board so if i ever have a friend that wants to get into esk8 and or wants something portable, that board is a picker for sure. I already built a small commuter board that is of similar weight and has more range so i’m all good :smiley:


I think you need to check Linny’s Builder Showcase. He has evolved considerably.


I like it for two reasons

  1. Has a kick tail
  2. Super portable

Had many push skates over the years but my first esk8 was this Frankenboard

I cannabalized it and it was sitting parted out in the shop for a few months before being reborn with hub motors. Frankenboard II



  1. Single motor + discarded race car esc + hobbyking b-grade 4Ah 6S lipo
  2. Dual motor + discarded race car esc + hobbyking b-grade 4Ah 6S lipo
  3. Upgrade to VESC 4.12 + 8AH 8S lipo battery both in waterproof casings
  4. That lipo got fully drained over winter, so replaced damaged battery with a discarded 16AH 5S battery.

Board 2

Board 3


My first board is my current board. Been riding it for two years now.

Started off as a single drive 6374 with a 10s4p 30q and then one day I woke up to a dual diagonal board.

Deck is 36"and has a kick tail of course.


You asked for it.

DISCLAIMER I didn’t know esk8 was even a thing or that any of you existed when I started and finished this monster.


It had heavy ass sla batteries. I quickly upgraded to lithium ion. Shitty Chinese junk cells but still an improvement.

I wanted programmability or some sense of intelligence to be in this new project. After searching general terms, I discovered vesc was what I was looking for. Vesc led me to the old forum and there was no looking back.

It’s currently in my garage in shambles just to remind me that I can always do better.


I bought an Evolve Carbon GT when they were new because it seemed a lot easier than parking a car downtown and emits no air pollution. I still have it. The battery is absolute shit.

Where do you get your electricity from

I used to ride my ownboard w1s hub board as my first board, it was good but it’s just not great as a belt drive board…

I’ve always wanted a boosted but it’s just isn’t something that make sense to buy due to the price…

I ended up getting my own foosted with parts from different vendors and sold my w1s locally to another dude :+1:

My first (and only diy) Build is sitting in my garage waiting for the rest of the parts to come so I can upgrade it to a dual drive Evo 36…