what setting for 2mm on maletrics spot welder?

what setting for do you guys find works best for 2mm pure nickel strips using a maletrics spot welder?

.2 I imagine


weld pulse duration 28ms for mine…

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It all depends on your welders battery and output.
I usually do 21-23 on a full battery, and step it up 1-2ms for every charge level / bar on the display that goes out.

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25-30ms here. Try a practice run and step up the pulse duration by 5.

There is a “tear off test” you can do. Basically, if you are getting welds hot enough, nickel will weld to battery surface and when you tear the strip away, small comet shaped punches of nickel will be left behind on the battery.

You can over do it tho. Too hot/too long, the nickel surface will turn purplish brown.

You will know if it’s too short of a pulse, comes right off. Feel free to post pics of ok and “is this too hot?” Welds on the ‘battery builders’ thread. They love those kinda pics there.

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