What motor is best for me?

Im going to be getting a 12s4p 21700 battery. Anyone know which motors would be best. For a dual set up. Also need help on a ESC. Im still new ty :smiling_face_with_tear:

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For a dual street (urethane wheels) setup, 6355 size motors are a good choice - Ample power but not so large that you end up needing to get creative with the mounting. (With 6374 or larger motors it can be a real challenge to fit two on one street truck.)

If you’re planning on going more off-road (pneumatic tires and wider trucks), then the larger motors are more desirable for higher power, and the greater size and weight are less of an issue.

As for ESCs, you either need two single ESCs, or one dual ESC. Some popular and well-liked options include the Trampa Vesc6, Stormcore 60D and 100D, and MakerX DV6. There are lots of other ones, but those are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

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  3. the most important question to ask first will be “what do I want out of my new board” and “how much am I willing to spend in time and spend in cash” because that will greatly reduce your options

Bit of background for skate motors, most boards will use brushless DC outrunner motors, they will use a XXYY size name (XX millimeters diameter, usually 63; YY millimeters length, usually 54 to 100) and have a kV (measure of speed, RPM/volt) in the 90 to 270 range but most popular is 190. This is for belt, chain, and gear drives; there are hub motors (motor I side the wheel) and direct drives (motors inline with the wheel)

Typically a dual motor street board will be in the 6354 to 6374 range and a dual motor off road board will be 6374 to 63100, but I’ve seen off road use 5065 (to be fair it’s Evolve which are not great) and street boards running octo-6396 (the fucking mad man himself Arzamenable)

The questions you wanna ask are…

  • How much can you afford? (Lightly used parts will help alot here)
  • How much power do you have?
  • How much space do you have?
  • How heavy can they be?
  • How much load will they be moving?
  • How fast do you wanna go?
  • How fast do you wanna accelerate?
  • How steep are the hills you want to climb?
  • How much effort will you put into them? (Gear drives need to have the shaft cut down)