What is the best direct drive, or belt drive in your experience?

What is the best direct drive, or belt drive in your experience?
(Yeah why?):slight_smile:

Its either direct drive, or belt drive. Not direct belt drive :thinking:


You’re right, it’s poorly worded on my

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So which one are you looking for?

Direct drive:

Belt drive:


I have a toqueboard belt drive with two 6380 motors.
It doesn’t seem very solid to me

get gear drives :sunglasses:


I regret not going straight for gear drives :rofl:

TB DD’s have been good… But the lack of pneumatic ability makes me cry a little at night.

So +1 for gears.


Yes I think it’s better with two 6380 motors

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Pneumatic or urethane wheels?

Gear drives are very sexy, but 3dservisas are overpriced and not compatible with most hangers.

Moon and Boardnamics have interesting options for street builds. Etoxx is great for AT / Mountainboards.


Gear drive is great for power but you forget the screeching noise, OP are you after power or comfort?

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urethane wheels

Gear drives can be quieter with helical or herringbone gears. But I agree straight gears can be very loud.

Torqueboards is coming out with new mounts this year.
Boardnamics has interesting options, his M1 gear drive looks promising but the idler mounts are also nice for street wheels.
There is tons of options out there. Telling us your current drivetrain setup and preferences would help to point you in the right direction.


Bustin sportster
Battery 12sp4
Dual Vesc 6.6 mini Flipsky
Motor TB 6380 170kv
Motor mount V6 outward
TB 110mm
Drive Wheel Pulley 36
Motor Pulley 16
Truck TB 218mm bushing riptide 97.5 and 95a

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This is a common misconception, 3ds gears are not more expensive, and for the quality you get it’s just amazing. I’ll have you know that imho 3ds gd are far better than moon drives construction wise.

Also I have the 3ds straight cut ss hd gd and holy cow are they quite… He uses a different plastic that is sound acoustic.

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@Frenchylandshoosgor contact 3ds or @Murloc992 to see what you need, you won’t be disappointed

Best belt drive in my experience is using Whooshboard’s mounts with dual idlers. Crazy efficiency and no belt slip. And the mounts don’t come loose either.

As for direct drive: I believe the direct drives that come with the revel kit have the least QC / maintenance issues from what I’ve gathered, but TB ones are more powerful. But then for the price the elofty ones are a great deal. Hard to say which is best overall.


The Whooshboards mounts look really good and I have heard nothing but positivity about them. But that doesn’t justify the price point. 120$ without idlers for some hardware and three aluminium pieces that get machined for literally a few dollars in bulk. Boardnamics mounts are much more reasonably priced at 30$ or 25$ for the version without the idler.

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Which motor did you use the Whooshboard’s mounts with
I ask because both 6380 are heavy

I agree they’re overpriced, and perhaps Boardnamics new mounts have solved the issues I had with them in the past, but hey, Whooshboards mounts still are the best of the best. The idlers don’t get stuck, and they thread right into the mount.

I’m using them on single drive builds with 6374 motors. Haven’t experienced any overheating, although Latvia isn’t known for hot weather. :man_shrugging: