what do you guys think about DIYing a s2 bajaboard?

if you could get a functioning s2 bajaboard for 1000$ do you think it would be worth DIYing? what could you do to improve it? would like to hear what you guys think : )

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I’d spend the 1000 on beer and drink it while praising skatan that I hadn’t burned a grand on a piece of trash


so is it the suspension system that is trash on them?

Everything is trash on them. My best advice would be to avoid.


They have a lot of parts that can break and cost a lot to replace, in both time and money.

But I can’t say i haven’t been tempted very hard by this idea.


it seems like the s2 is an off road ek8 that you should not take off road


Far from a glowing review


Lol he gives them too much credit by saying “oh they’ve got a good name, they must have been good at some point”

They were never good. Just hyped by fanbois who were too embarrassed to admit how much money they had wasted on their piece of shit board, so they talk it up instead to validate their investment.


Is the propel clone as bad as the baja?

I have no idea about the propel. I’ve heard good things but thats about it.

It would be cool for a company to copy it with high quility parts. They do look sweet

Huh? Propel clone? I didn’t know one of those existed yet lmao

The Propel is already quite reasonably priced

I’ve beaten the ever living shit (according to my standards :man_shrugging:) out of my Propel X4S and it keeps asking for more. I love it

Oh that one, I forgot about it lol

Damn that video and its comments section is BRUTAL.

Did not expect that level of random drama today.


I don’t think this is drama lol. Just people pointing out how bad the baja board is. which sucks because they do looks so cool. seems like the baja concept is good. but the material they use on their boards suck.

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I meant the propel is a clone of a baja. which it is even if its better.

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