What do you do, when you have a power outtage?

It would be an interesting discussion what you people do, when you have power outtage like me right now.:grimacing:


Drive a car? We got a small genny that gets dragged out during an outage

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This works for me


I started a print five minutes before this happened.:joy:


Oof, at least it didn’t cut near the end of a 2 day print…it’s infuriating when that happens

How do you savages not have your printers on a UPS?


I charge my board before the outage then ride it when powers out.

Once that’s depleted I just sit and contemplate my life because everything I do needs internet and power.


But hey power panic feature, if you print with a sd card.

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Would be an idea, but costwise…


Also update your firmware. Marlin has print resume after power outage now.

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Light some candles, have a drink to get in the mood… if the wife is out practice onanistic pursuits.


The inlet is 2 phase (240v).

The gennie is single phase (110v).

I have a nasty hack cable that ties both hots on the gennie input to the single hot on the 5-15 plug on the honda. I put a kill-a-watt inline so I know how much juice the house is pulling. Switchover procedure is:

  • turn off mains breaker
  • turn off all 2 gang breakers (240v)
  • turn off all nonessential breakers (all breakers are marked)
  • flip interlock
  • fire up gennie
  • plug it in

The house runs on less than 100w idle :slight_smile: Gas heat works, all lights are LED and work. The fridge works. The FIOS and router/ap work. The laser printer pops the gennie breaker :slight_smile: The home theater works, but the plasma sucks like 800w. I have 1600w constant 2000w burst available.

In eco mode the generator can run like a day with the onboard 1gallon tank. The 5 gallon aux tank lets me run a few days, and I can refill without shutting down. I have a few metal 5gal jerry cans with stabilized fuel.

I have a 2nd generator I can hook up in parallel if needed.

Everything seems hacky but is really well researched and tested. The only dicey thing is the hack 1phase <-> 2phase cable, so the switchover procedure is very important, and random joes can’t do the switchover. But in theory can just run a 2 phase generator, and that issue goes away.

So all this shit seems cray cray, but I had been building up to it for like 2 years thinking I’m nuts, and a few months after completion, Sandy hit and I was watching movies with surround sound on my plasma. :slight_smile:

Typical portable generator setups have a mini subpanel, and you choose which outlets will have generator power. Costs a pretty penny. Fuck that. I choose which outlets are lit by flipping the breaker.


Drink and sexy time with the lady is usually my go to. I take a break from riding my board and ride something else if you know what I mean :wink: (ps please dont ban me for this)


Back online since 7:00pm.
@JoelM Riding the esk8 gal.:sunglasses:
Unfortunately not for at a time :wink:

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8000w generator. Gets the job done like there wasn’t a power outage. Since my hot water and furnace are gas I really dont lose any comforts.


Nice my old house had a breaker box for a generator. Just flip it to the other panel and turn on the generator and you are good to go!


Mine is usually esk8 til my board(s) die, and then sit for an hour til my electronics die… Then finally analog skate and remember that I drained my boards in the first 2h of the power outage already…