What deck I need for these trucks?

Also, will it carry 280lbs?which one?

A) what deck I need for this trucks?

B) what deck I need for this trucks?1500w 180kv/270kv

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I need to get one for first build.

Is that the DIYE setup?

If it is, it’s been reported a safety hazard since the trucks break due to poor manufacturing




Any deck that is flat will be suited for these kind of truck
Might not fit drop through deck with the motor and all, but topmount no problemo

I’m not sure. These are copies from AliExpress.com

Honestly, don’t bother.

Just buy a Boardnamics setup instead


Just hit up boardnamics.com. you’ll be glad you did


So it doesnt matter the width and length?

Don’t buy those, they are a waste of money. Then when they break you have less money to buy something, umm, good.


What will be a good choice then?

Buy cheap, buy twice


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If you’re on that tight of a budget, I would make a single drive setup using Caliber 2 trucks and Boardnamics motor mounts and pulleys

You can upgrade it later to dual motor if you want to

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As my first build, It’s hard to find stores until you guys show up with answers. Lol This hobby doesn’t seem have standard parts in my opinion. Everything is random parts put together. When you guys show me something… Its expensive as heck. Lol for the first time ever… I might have to break my bank. Lmao

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Let’s say I get caliber II trucks with a single motor. What trucks size I need to upgrade to dual motors later on? I will upgrade slowly I guess.

Are you listening to what we are saying lol

You can pick up a full belt setup from Boardnamics for a very decent price


caliber 2 trucks come in only one size. What matters is the thickness of the motor mount you get, and motor size. What you need is small 6355 motors. But caliber trucks are soft and don’t hold mounts well, and the axle length doesn’t allow for a wheel pulley with integrated bearing.

TL;DR: get a belt drive from boardnamics, lol. A quality single drive is great value for the money.


Think of Boardnamics like an entry level but with higher quality made parts and affordable pricing. Everything Kevin makes has been outstandingly phenomenal for the price he sells @. Plus he is a trusted vendor with a long time standing coming the community. He stands by his products 100%.

Just fork out the cash for one of Kevin’s setups and you will not regret it. I have quite a few products from him as well and none of them have let me down in anyway. Granted, as you said this would be your first build, I have years of failing, learning and sometimes teaching and still learning my self and understand the care or attention to awareness in assembling esk8s.

Idk how much time you’ve invested to reading on this forum, or even how invested you are to reading lol, but do some reading on here. There are tons of threads with tons of useful info as a first builder. Check out the noob question thread. I’m still finding little tips/tricks in there.

Also lol, check out the “diy did I build this” thread. Learn what not to do lol. Do you’re research and it will pay off greatly on the end result. If you have any questions, dont be afraid to ask. Most of us around here dont bite hard lol.


Most likely no!
When every attempt is made to cut the price down in a kit, manufacturers typically scrape on the non-visible performance parts. If they put extremely shitty motors, it’s pretty obvious that speed and torque is bad. Poor battery: no speed, no range. When they put shitty trucks, bushings, and kingpins, and paint them black, no one really notices, … until it breaks… This is kind of fine for a 50kg 12y.o. kid, but with your weight, I’d say stay well away from them.

That’s unfortunate, but your weight will mean that you will need to pay MUCH more for your board than a lighter rider. Just because Physics. Thicker stiffer deck, bigger motors, bigger battery, …

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