What Charge port connection wiring/scheme to use?

I guess I’m a total Noob here and looking for the best and proper way to connect my charge port to my battery? I may have missed the right section to look at on this site?

Should I use this charge port for my battery and if so how do I connect it to the battery? Do I cut off the red attachment\connector piece and wire it to my positive and negative main terminals on my battery pack? I may need to add wire to extend the wires that come with the port to my battery? If so what Awg? I have 12 Awg Bintech wire that I hve been using to wire the series connections, maybe the will work for the extension wires or maybe the Awg is too large?
Is there a male end connector that is available to connect it? Do I need to put an inline fuse for safety?

Your charge port needs to be connected to C- of your bms and positive of your battery, ideally with an inline fuse on the positive.


Where is your BMS?

It’s an LLT.

Looks pretty good for a first try! :+1:t2:

Do what he said!

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5.5 x 2.1mm will fit most chargers but I would not use that for over 4A. I’ve used multiple jacks and chargers though [on the same battery] but officially that’s not recommended.

5.5 x 2.5mm is the much less common one in my experience.