What better for a MTB? [PKP vs. Channel]

Minor deference. You can get bros a lot of places… only one place I know to get a predator.

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Very true… in any scary situation on a board the biggest thing is to stay calm. I have found as soon as I start panicking I wreck. If you just don’t panic you can ride almost anything out on any kind of truck.


Agreed. Rider skills man. That’s where it’s at. I see manufacturers or fanboys claiming this or that is anti wobble and blah blah blah. People just gotta be aware that these things (skateboards) will not ride themselves. (and still turn)


That is where the channel trucks may have an upper hand. If wobbling you just lean and they are gone. Again I have yet to try your trucks and I can’t wait to. Soon I hope.

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yes, almost exactly. We work with Haeroboards to get our graphics and battery mounting option on the bro. it also only comes with the truck holes needed for our trucks


all down to how you control your ankles as i’ve found

at lower speeds, you can use flex and stretch your feet to help leading into carves and get more maneuvering.
at higher speeds i tend to not so much lock my ankles up so to speak, but i focus more on my body weight and forcing less through my ankles letting them naturally bend slightly to avoid any sharp inputs that can send me flying

pkps so far have been quite nice for speeds cause if i use my ankles, i can get past a sort of breaking point that unlocks the sharper turns, but if i just lean into it i’m able to make nice controlled adjustments without being worried as if i were on equally loose rkps, if that makes sense

almost like an exponential throttle curve. i can keep soft on small inputs in the middle if i need, but if i also want to push further, i have the capabilities at my disposal

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Got wobbles and you want to get better balance and ride skills…5 out of 4 dentists agree…take kung fu class(es). All jocularity aside, just results, understand that kung fu focuses on developing balance with minimal energy expenditures. I’m partial to Ving Tsun and Bai Lung styles; please don’t be influenced my bias and know that a good sifu is paramount. If you want to take it up a notch, try tai chi too. Best thing(s) I’ve ever done and helped immensely with snowboarding, downhill mountain biking, kite surfing, skate, meditation and any altercation I’ve allowed myself to be intertwined with, but you don’t have to take my word for it.


Can’t tell if that’s a shit post or not and that’s why I love it, take my :+1:

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Sounds like solid advice, brb challenging my local Dojo to better my boarding skills.

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Don’t you h e a 6month old to hang out with they poke the bear that I frank :joy:

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I think it’s PKP for off road mountain boards and channel for street carvers?


Does not allow you to adjust healside or toeside preload.
This is something I have come to very much like about Channel trucks.
(Street skateboarding background of over 20 years.)
Does not allow Grinding, Kingpins are lower than hanger and will dig into what you are grinding.
This used to be common in street skating in the early 90’s but has since been solved by most every truck on the market aside from PKP style trucks. (As if this kinda progression in MTB was not thought of at all.)

This is all I know without riding them, but they are facts not so much something I need to ride to find out.

I personally can not ride them becuase I MTB like you should imo, I grind and trick etc.
An well If My king pin digs in, thats ending my party by sending me to the ground.

If that was corrected then I myself would consider them, but I truly do like the ability to pre-load
my healside and or toeside. So not sure if they are truly better as in more of a preference as stated above.

I feel PKP has some areas to grow in still. Like restricting grinding may not be an issue for downhill truck brands. MTB riders do grind and boardslide. So that itself needs to be corrected. Look at Dylan Warren Pro MBS rider. He does handrails etc. I dont think he would like to hang up on a kingpin. Thats my 2 cents. The funny shit to me is, that Trampa made some clones and still didn’t fix the grind clearance.
An they call themselves a MTB brand?.. Maybe they do idk… but I digress…


Interesting about asymmetric preload. I’ve been setting mine symmetric and then adjusting my stance to get level. I should try your way.


I still prefer symmetric, only because channels are the only trucks that allows you to do that, and I don’t want to be getting into the habit of expecting an asymmetric lean when I switch between them and my RKPs and others.


Oh, very good point!

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Think your correct that current PKP trucks are not currently optimised for grinding but you must consider that 95% of riders will never do this. That said standard scrub/trampa style channels are not great for grinding either. Mbs is the only option with good profile for grinding.

But if your grinding and doing board sides then that’s fairly niche within electric MTB. Maybe current PKP are not for you. But I don’t think these statements generalise.

Not sure if you realise but . . .
MTB = mountain board.
A board for riding mountains (and general off-road).

Now I’ve personally not seen many mountains covered in grind rails.


Colorado and Utah might be a different story :joy::joy::joy:


With the profile of the air hanger, i dont think it would be too hard to make an attachment that protects the kingpins, if you really want to grind. But, thats very very niche.


i’m tryna make something for @DEEIF for grinding :wink:

lots of work happening at the toaster oven but we’re getting there


Hope this comes out right,…
I have watched the MBS video, and many MTB videos.

Grinds are a thing and its not 1% so get off that, honestly.
Also saying that is just saying we are not about progressing the sport but like it where we are.
A kingpin hanging out under your ride to catch on things is just a NO.

I can even take out grinds and still this will hang me up in stalls and the kinda mountains terrain I ride.
I can only assume since I have not rode these but have rode trucks with long kingpins, that they will hit something and not slide over like it should. They can also catch on roots etc. Happens on traditional trucks if the kingpin is to high, not sure why it be different.

Yah for sure, nbot sure if you wached MBS video or some actual mountainboarding.
MBS was the ones who started this and people broke bones making the video.
So your version of MTB is not what I have seen.

Many hills for MTB etc have rails down the hill, for a park style MTB ride.
This is similar to snowboarding with wheels.

I have a Trampa right next to me with channels, the trucks are fine to grind and have the needed

Lets put it like this, if we don’t progress the products for the riders who can push the sport, then how does the sport progress?
EDIT EDIT: I may not be that rider but why are we limiting?