What battery is best to use for Trampa Monster Box?

So guys I finally decided to buy a mountain board. I bought this one with 154KV motors.

I am a 170lb rider. I wanted a good combination of top speed and raw power so I chose 154KV. Good choice?

Also wanted some advice on what batteries are best to use. It seems that these https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-high-capacity-battery-20000mah-6s-12c-drone-lipo-pack-xt90.html
are out of stock. Is there a battery builder on the forum who can help me out or can someone point me to where I can purchase the batteries?

Make a pack with 18650s you can have any shape you want.

Where are you located?

The lipos you linked are not really good for mountain boarding. You can either go with the recommendation on the trampa side or get some hk graphens or heavy duty 60C. You look up the size of the lipos in the specs on hobbyking.
There is also an opportunity to get a LiIon pack made or make by your own which will fit in this box. @taz made a nice 12s7p for his trampa box.

Isnt lipo lighter? Trampa only has lipo packs recommended on its website.

The other thing is that the lipo can also be charged at 12A. These are all the options trampa recommends.


Lipos only lighter for small range. As soon as you go big, you get more range/power in smaller volume with LiIon cells.

My only concern is that I want to keep this build as light as possible. I also need someone else to do it for me.

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A 7-8p pack out of 30q cells you can charge with 12A as well. That’s 1.5A per cell.


If you don’t know how to build LiIon packs and don’t have anybody to build you one than lipos are your way to go. As i said have a look at hobbyking graphens one Heavy Duty packs. Get high C rated pack, 45-75C is a good range. You will not regret paying a bit more for them.


I’ve been wondering the same for mine. I got four of the 6200mah 6s packs and have been doing 15-20 miles each charge. I hate the charge time though.


The monster box easily fits a 12s8p.


That makes totally sense as you can get lipos pretty much everywhere in a well build quality. With custom made LiIon packs it’s not that easy.


Yeah That’s why I went for the 2 battery setup. That way I can survive on just one charger.

Do you use one or two chargers?



Wow your build is amazing man! How heavy is that battery pack?
Do you recommend a lipo or a li-ion pack?

I also got the 154 KV 6364 trampa motors. Are they not sufficient? Why did you change yours?

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One, I will parallel charge two at a time. I need to make a pig tail for my other charger so I can charge faster though. I’ve been using this charger for about 3 years though for my quads, and my newer one is much better lol

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Holy hell thats a battery hahaha​:astonished::astonished::astonished:

The problem is, like the new Lacroix 12s12p need 2 remotes to fully use the battery, this one needs 6 remotes.

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For general use, I prefer the li-ion pack.
Bigger range, easier charging, less finicky with storage charge status.
If I want, I can put in some 5Ah lipos I have to make the board lighter for jumping.
However, I have gotten used to the weight and I can get quite a bit of air now even with the li-ion pack.
I have not weighed the pack but my guess is 48grx12x7 + nickel + BMS + wires + heatshrink = approx 5kg

I did not have very good results with the Trampa motors. They lacked power and overheated easily. However one of them was defective so it could be due to that.
Keep in mind that my terrain is demanding.