What are those trucks for? [artsy longboard]

What are these trucks good for?
Any chance motorizing this board or waste of time?


They’re Original skateboard trucks … either S8 or S10. I’ve heard they’re great for carving. Torsion trucks never really took off because, I think, trucks with bushings are a simpler and easier solution.

Mounting a motor on this would be difficult because of the shape of the hanger. The simplest solution, IMO, would be some hub motors. Even then it wouldn’t be straight forward. Or, you could try something like a whitepony cronin adapter.


Thanks @Zilla! I had not heard of Originals before! Now I am kinda curious, why these never took of, sounds like a smart system IMO.

Sounds like it would be just as easy to custom-CNC some mounts or just metal-weld them on.
I’ll see how much I like these before I put in that amount of work.

Because they are disgusting to ride.


I got a set of S8 200mm if someone want to trie.

I think Hamboard, remake and rebuild them a bit better.
I think there is a topic about an Hamboard motorisez with this truck (maybe on the other forum…)

What is it that you dislike about them?

The way they ride feels not very nice compared to a decent set of RKPs with good bushings.

I feel like they might be ok for pumping due to the fact that they don’t like to stay compressed, it takes a good amount of body lean to get them to turn and its hard to hold them in a tight turn, feels like they just wanna bounce back and go straight…

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Hipster longboard pops it in the bin…problem solved.

they definetly ride quite differend, a friend of mine had them a few years back

he had problems with the plastic parts that hold the springs breaking too frequently (he was around 80-85kg)

on the positive side tho, these had a turn radius that was insanely narrow, you could do a 180 turn on a 2m wide path

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Thanks, that does sound fun but also annoying…

If anyone wants some, just pay shipping from Melbourne Australia and they are yours.


Btw, I actually took that board for a test ride, but it was horrible. The spring holders were shot, which @olsyke had mentioned to be prone to break. Also, I think the trucks were too narrow and the wheels too small for the board.
If you live in Australia, take @glyphiks 's offer just out of curiosity - these sure are special.

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Lol yeah they suck :rofl:

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