What are good, relatively affordable battery monitors, ideally that beep loudly when the battery is low?

Basically title. I’ve seen a couple of old posts here and there with links to Amazon postings that don’t exist anymore. If it helps, I’m Canadian so some Amazon.com links don’t quite work as well, even when switching domains.

Does anyone have any sources of a battery monitor that beeps repeatedly if the voltage of a battery drops below a certain margin?

Also - entirely unrelated - does anyone know what to do with a dead battery? Probably worth salvaging the BMS, but the cells likely just get dropped off at the local battery dump, right?

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tape off all terminal, and send it to recycling

Tape off any contact points and terminals that could be shorted together even if you’re not storing it near metal, and then store it in the top of some random closet or bring it to a place that takes batteries if you have one nearby.

That’s what I’ve been doing partially because there is no place to take it nearby but also so I have dead cells to practice on if I ever get a spot welder. Although my dead batteries are all stored in someone else’s house since my apartment doesn’t have space for them :sweat_smile:

Edit: they know the batteries are in their closets. My anime figures I can’t display currently (most of them) are also stored there and in the same closet as one of the batteries. The people living there are family

I wouldn’t even consider storing old batteries like that at my mother-n-laws.
Edit….you might be on to something…:thinking:

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All the batteries stored over there have been stored under my bed and in the closet at my place for a few years without issues. One was completely drained since the cells died (cheap cells that didn’t last even 6 months of use) The other battery had some charge when I originally stored it but has also been stable for about 2 years.

I wouldn’t store anything that I didn’t already know was stable or completely drained in random closets though

I probably should have specified I’m running 12s - most of the ones I see of that chassis style are 1-8s lipo which is definitely not enough. Do you have an amazon/digikey/mouser link to something suitable?

this meter goes up to 12s for lipo