Welcome to forum.esk8.news!

Lmao thanks brother. Haven’t posted in like 5 years come to find out everyone’s moved to here haha. I appreciate the warm welcome!


For sure! Give us an update on what you’re riding :call_me_hand:

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Ah right! Well. Right now my skateboard is out of commission(5year old battery finally died). This is how it ended up turning out tho!


Oh sweet I can post now! Was wondering where that went lol. Thanks a bunch!

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Finished my built and now i need to sell it because i am Broke :joy:


hahahaha yeah that’ll happen, welcome to the pit of burning money my friend, do you need a light?

Maybe :sweat_smile:

Anyone else recently having problems with this site and chrome based web browsers?

No, but when I had a iPad that was too old for updating chrome it did give me issues I’m exclusively chrome now

Hello my name is John I live in Sacramento CA ride a boosted board with LiGo batteries and vesc !!!

Ive learned immensely as a lurker, created an account to join the communit!!!


When I Google LiGo batteries is find some weird shit