Weird theories and ideas thread! any ideas welcome

Solid vampire or mummy costume while riding it would be awesome!

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This is an interesting idea.

wonder how easy it is to break a leg.


Looking for some help with an idea.

Trying to figure out how to mount a onewheel hub motor to a set of 3 links.

Just the hub motor?

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Electric supercharger.

A microphone next to each of my flipsky 6374’s, and feeding back to the latest audiophile grade vesc firmware, with the signal inverted so to make active noise cancellation instead of buying better motors which don’t sound like a tugboat coming into harbour.

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On a scale of 1-10 I’d give this a 12

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Yes, looking to mount a hub motor to eskate trucks

Channel truck style bushings that have a harder compound more central to the pivot point and softer compound on the outside

Yellow = soft
Red = hard

Idea being that as you increase turn/lean angle, you are compressing the softer bushing more than the hard.


What’s the goal here? Progressive resistance or linear/regressive?



But really: the overall customizability.

I like the idea of having a harder point of resistance at the very end of my turn, adjustable to the point where one could avoid wheel bite on their toesies. I suppose this would look less like a wedge and more of a staircase bushing.

So personally, more progressive resistance is what I would be after although the system may allow for more preferential tweaking by design?

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There are padded riser pads to help vibration damping, on compression, but what about padded antisink pads for damping on rebound?

The fasteners would have to not touch the board, but that goes for maximum efficacy of the compression pad under the baseplate too.

Flexible pla exists. Recommended same pla print settings but a little slower. I ran it through the AMS. 1.6hr print. 5% gyroid infill. 4 walls.

I used flex seal spray during a rain storm (hurricane hillary) to seal wet leaking roof shingles. The leak stopped.

I have several expired 14ga needles. They barely fit a flexseal nozzle.

I bet I could print a flexi pla hub sleeve and reinforce it with Phil swift juice.

Hold my Moscow mule and Sunday anxieties.


The vents were not enough. Pressure did build and carried rubberized sealant out in to kitchen during “spin cure” cycles. (lucky they are both white, as well as the dog).

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conjecture 1,2, and 3 concerning theory.

-a sufficient heat source will smooth wispy prints,

-uncured rubber and thin walled pla will burn more vigorously than either alone, especially with constant rotation and airflow.

Ignition will result in fireball due to sleeve pressure, retained internal flammable solvent and gas, constant rotation, and above noted material synergy. :grimacing:


Jk, significantly safer.

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Anyone done or seen a mecanum wheeled go-kart? I doubt the rubber on the little rollers would last long but it would be fun to strap into a low frame and do donuts and rolling 360s.

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