Weight sensor board from Sapphire Boards

Sapphire Boards

They snap like sensitive hippos…


Facepalm. Not launched and already DOA.


No remote. Second time I see this initiative. I am not comfortable with that idea. Maybe I am wrong and sensors are better than remotes. Scary anyway.


Depends on the sensor type, accuracy and it’s latency IMO.

Load sensors are the most discrete way but accuracy and latency is directly related to your ADC. Also it might be great for cruising but on a board, maybe not the best way. Let’s see how it will test?

My 0.45 cents


All these weight sensing boards are a no go for me. I don’t want a 25mph vehicle that I can’t directly control the brakes.

I was reading Sofu’s review of the Walnut board and she said that it was so bad she only attempted to ride it twice before deeming it unsafe to ride.


I’ve tested a weight censored board two CES’s ago. Cool at low speed (~10mph), and wide open road. aka it’ll never be practical imo.

I do know a guy who swears buy his Zboard tho, I’ve seen him go on full group rides in NYC etc. I’ve also seen him fly into an intersection because he couldn’t stop quick enough.


Its because they are South African

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The sass is the most appealing part of their product to me


These guys tried launching about a year ago iirc and I was arguing with their rep. He seemed to think 10S2P Samsung 22P was a good battery which wouldn’t have horrible sag, and claimed their new tech made the lean control good.

Lean controls are really bad because if you have a moment of unstability, its just made worse by random inputs as you get back in control. I.e you hit a stick you didn’t see and stumble a bit, then your board starts breaking out from under you etc.


Which ADC tech are you using that have tangible latency? Integrated ADC in any modern STM arm is in the uS

Pressure/weight sensors are a bad idea for entirely different reasons though. I wish people would stop this.

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Looks gimmicky and unimpressive. However, their “Crouching hot girl, hidden controls” marketing approach is intriguing. :thinking::kissing_heart:


Exactly, if lag isn’t a factor:

  • Leaning your body has nowhere near the precision of a thumbwheel, or at least it takes a long time to get close
  • Again if you have a moment of unstability, its just made worse by random inputs as you get back in control.
  • You lose the remote, so no screen or even battery information.
  • You can’t casually cruise or dance on the board, you have to constantly take the same stance
  • Way more expensive to repair
  • No customizability, you can’t use 2-3 form factors with 2-3 systems like a remote
  • You can’t footbrake lmao
  • You can’t slide or do anything which requires dynamic stances
  • Nobody dislikes using a remote in the first place, this isnt a problem that needed solving
  • No speed modes, how would you change them? Maybe some kind of a handheld wireless device?

It’s not just the raw latency it’s the latency after filtering which bothers me (usually integrated ADC also have limited range of steps too). You fall back to ms instead of us and it adds up quick too.

If the main input for throttle and brake is a load sensor, well yea I agree it’s not optimal for a board anyway. Def not for a fast board.


I like this one

Carrying your board to the…sandy beach??


Another facepalm moment


but dat ass!


could be @tipsy carrying the board tough to tell w/o the sand tho

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Yeah, Saffers can be offensive. I hail from there, but Aussie now.

So while most chinese boards can do 42kmh, sapphire decided they were better?

That equals 20-40 minutes for my board…that full day went fast :man_facepalming: