Wedged/Dewedged Decks in the EU

I am looking for a decks that are wedged/dewedged like the Subsonic Century 40 and the Landyachtz Evo 40 Falcon in the EU that cost less that £150. Does such a thing exist?

As far as I can see these are the only two options available but they are super expensive. Does anyone know of a cheaper deck that fits the description available in the EU or with reasonable shipping prices?

At the risk of sounding completely noob,…

Whats the rage over these decks? Why are they so commonly used in esk8? Is it performance or looks?

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TL;DR: Split angles offer more stability at high speeds i.e. less speed wobbles. Angled trucks are expensive, angled risers are a bit flimsy (I still get wobbles at around 55km/h). So split angled decks are a good solution.


Dewedging the rear gives high speed stability, wedging the front gives you maneuverability. By integrating this into the deck rather than using wedge blocks mean you stay lower, again improving stability.

DH boards also generally work very well for esk8 applications.

They also look pretty great.


There’s a trick you can do, get a drop through deck and put the wedge on the top, it sits hella low and wedged.

Or get different baseplates, you can get 35deg for the back and 50deg for the front easy

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That might be the problem, it might be too low.

^ fitting a 1.25 height enclosure would even be hard even with 107’s


I’ve got a 35 Randal baseplate but it does not fit well with tb 218mm hanger.

I was really hoping to not have to bodge it with wedges or poorly fitting baseplates causing more instability than sticking with standard angle trucks.

I guess my best option is waiting for one of the two boards to become available secondhand if there are no other deck options.

The other problem with that is that your truck’s hanger might start hitting the deck as you turn. I had to cut out a bit of my deck when I did that (Being so low to the ground was really nice, although I did hit every curb or stone lol)

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I have a randal 42* baseplate on a drop thru deck and it’s a nice fit with TB218’s.

Have you tried riding on it? Mine looks like it fits fine at first but over time while riding the hanger wiggles itself loose enough from the pivot for it to be a real problem.

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Heh, I’ve been riding it to work every day (5-9 miles each way) for the last 2 months like that. I did put a new pivot cup in, still working myself up to a bushing upgrade. I’ve got the kingpin pretty tight, but still loose enough for some close quarter maneuvers.

Crazy that you’re having unwanted “wiggle”. Mine are rock solid up to the boards max speed (27mph), the stock rear TB218 plate resulted in mad speed wobbles over 22mph.

I use 110s. Meters more clearance. I’ll swap to 111s soon and at that point all these concerns go out the window

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We were talking about drop through wedged…

@Brenternet do you have this setup?

With a 1.25 enclosure?

Lmao woooooooosh

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Wedge / dewedge i can handle. But the deep drops that seem to accompany this style deck is what I really dislike.



Pitter patter grumpy pants is it because of the Thorium
That the evo puts a bad taste in your mouth?

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Lol no, its because I hate the way it feels and rides.

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