Water Damaged Battery (Wowgo 3)


I water damaged my Wowgo 3. The board doesn’t charge. The ESC looked dry, so I examined the battery.

Using a voltmeter, I measured the charger at 42 volts and the pack at 36 V. This leads me to believe the cells (in 10s2p) are okay, but I need to replace the BMS.

What do you all think? Can I save the battery?

Thanks for your help.

Dispose of that battery immediately. If the inside of the cells are rusted you do not want to try salvaging that


Trash it. Not worth a fire yo


Thanks. What’s the proper way to dispose of it?

The manufacturer offered me $160 for an 8ah Samsung 40T and $85 for a 30Q 6ah. What do you all think?

Those are good prices, but given the construction of the pack, I would reccomend taking some precautions to waterproof it more (if you do buy it). Not to mention it’s suboptimal construction methods… But enough boards are out there that it seems to be fine enough :thinking:

I think potting it in silicone or shrinkwrapping with silicone on the ends should be sufficient protection :man_shrugging:t2:

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Generally for lipo batteries you should slowly discharge it to 0 volts (usually with a led circuit) and short the POS/neg wires so it can’t recharge before giving it to a local battery recycling store.

Not sure with Liion. Perhaps just take it in somewhere that recycles electronics and see what they say?

As others mentioned trash… Most likely the bms is dead and sure it possible the cells are fine and its just the crappy nickle they used that rusted but in a 2p almost not worth the effort of a tear down unless youre bored and curious. Wrap it plastic.and u can.drop it at home depot for recycling.

I personally would tear it down cuz I’m a glutton for punishment…

The 10s2p 30Q battery will be kinda weak, so definitely the 10s2p 40T pack

Due to international shipping you might be better off just getting a battery locally, it would be about $120 in cells, $10 for the BMS, and $20 in other materials so you will not save anything but at least you can verify its well made